Genshin Impact Adventurers Trials Event: How To Join

Genshin Impact Adventurers Trials Event: How To Join
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4th Nov 2022 17:55

Genshin Impact has unleashed another event to get stuck into before it ends on November 21. The event will set a total of five challenges to be unlocked as it progresses each day for Genshin Impact payers. To learn how to participate in the vent for yourself, read on.

Genshin Impact Adventurers Trials Event: How To Join

Genshin Impact Adventurers Trials Event
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To participate in the Adventurers Trials Event, you must be Adventurer Rank 20 plus.

For the first four days of the event, starting on November 4, players will take on a Sequential Trial in which they will need to achieve a goal within a set time limit. The fifth and final event will be a Fortuitous Trial and will entail three randomised domain challenges.

To join, simply access the event menu by going to the events overview page within the game. Then, click on 'Event Details' which will bring up the list of five challenges. Click on an unlocked challenge and select 'Start' in the bottom right corner.

Genshin Impact Adventurers Trials Event: What To Do

Genshin Impact Adventurers Trials Event: First trial, first challenge
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Each stage of the event will feature a trial for the player to participate in. These trials may have stipulations that the player will have to adhere to. For example, Trial number one will task the player with knocking Slimes into marked goals like in a game of football. They must do this without using elemental burst powers, but rather by using the overloaded reaction from Yanfei and Klee's attacks which react with the Electro Slimes. Players must score 35 goals within the 10-minute timeframe to succeed in the first challenge.

This is just the first part of the first trial however, each trial has three challenges that players must win and the event in total has five trials.

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