Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: What They Are And How To Unlock

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: What They Are And How To Unlock
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23rd Jan 2023 16:35

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials are a way to gain experience and test your strength in battle. Fire Emblem Engage features the Tower of Trials, which is useful for multiple reasons. Tempest Trials take place in the Tower of Trials, as a way for players to improve their skills. Here is everything you need to know about Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials.

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: How It Works

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: A Tempest Trial battle
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Within the Somniel, your home base in Fire Emblem Engage, there is a place called the Tower of Trials. The Tower of Trials has multiple functions, most of which are online multiplayer modes. You can play in cooperative modes or battle against other players there. The mode we are concerned with is the Tempest Trials, the Tower's offline and single-player mode.

Tempest Trials are a series of three battles, winning them will net you experience and crystals for augmenting your weapons. The Trials are a great way to level up your characters and prepare for future battles. They are also a challenge in and of themselves, as the trials can go up in difficulty.

The difficulty levels go from 1 to 40 in Tempest Trials. From 1 to 6 there are no experience gains, then from level 7 to 15 the amount of experience gained increases gradually. From 16 to 40, you gain 10 experience for the first battle, 30 from the second battle, and 50 from the final battle. The amount of potential materials rewarded for each fight increases consistently from level 1 to 40.

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: How To Unlock

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: The info screen for unlocking Tower of Trials
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During Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Engage, you unlock the Somniel. As soon as you get there, the Tower of Trials is available to you. However, you initially only have access to the online modes in the Tower. To access the Tempest Trials, you need to complete Chapter 11.

While the online modes require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, rest assured that the Tempest Trials do not require an online subscription.

Once you have completed Chapter 11, you can head to the Tower of Trials to start taking part in Tempest Trials. These will be a great help in levelling up your characters going forward.

That is it for the Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials. For more tips, check out our Fire Emblem Engage romance options guide.

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