How To Farm Money Fast In Fire Emblem Engage

How To Farm Money Fast In Fire Emblem Engage
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27th Jan 2023 09:47

You can farm money fast in Fire Emblem Engage, but it will definitely take some effort. You'll need that money to gain rewards from donating to foreign nations, forging weapons, and other offerings. Here's how to farm that money fast in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best Ways To Farm Money Fast In Fire Emblem Engage

Anna Farm Money Fast in Fire Emblem Engage
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To farm money fast in Fire Emblem Engage, you should enlist Anna to battle. The reason is that she can earn 500G when she kills off a foe. The higher the luck stat she has, the more likely she'll gain the money. Make sure you level her up and improve her proficiency with axes. Having her being assisted by an emblem is also extremely helpful to help buff her stats.

While you're in the hub town of Somniel, you can also sell your weapons and other items. Head over to either the item shop or armoury and then select "Sell." You'll likely have an abundance of weapons in your inventory from fallen enemies. Head on over to the "Convoy," and you'll likely see a bunch of extra weapons that can be sold. For example, the Steel Dagger can be sold for 1000G alone. That balance can go up quickly.

  • There are many outfits your characters can wear in Fire Emblem Engage.

How To Farm Money Fast In Battle

Fire Emblem Engage Training Battles
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Another way to farm money fast in Fire Emblem Engage is to participate in training battles. Finishing these bouts will net you thousands of gold. They will be challenging to finish, so make sure you pick the right units for battle. Make sure you read the suggested levels for your characters before attempting it.

In some instances of random battles across the world map, there will be a Gold Corrupted enemy. Once disposed of, you'll get a great payday.

Finally, when you complete certain chapters, you'll gain a lot of gold from each kingdom.

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