Does Fire Emblem Engage Have New Game Plus?

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have New Game Plus?
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24th Jan 2023 13:22

If you’re thinking of playing Fire Emblem Engage, you might be wondering if the game has New Game Plus. Fire Emblem Engage is the latest in the franchise and it’s quite a meaty game, but it’s not initially clear whether New Game Plus is in. Let’s find out what Fire Emblem Engage’s postgame looks like and whether the New Game Plus feature is in it.

Fire Emblem Engage: New Game Plus

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Fire Emblem Engage does not currently have New Game Plus available. Previous Fire Emblem games did have this mode, so it’s a bit strange that Engage has skipped it.

New Game Plus is a mode where players could replay the whole game with their progress carried over from their first playthrough. It’s essentially the same game but with tougher enemies and you get to keep your initial progress.

Sadly it seems like this isn’t present in Engage. However, there is a fairly substantial amount of content to do once you’ve beaten the main game.

Fire Emblem Engage: What’s In The Postgame?

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While there’s no way to replay the entire campaign New Game Plus style, you can replay some missions and try the Tower of Trials. It’s not quite the same, but it does give you some more stuff to do.

You can also complete all the other activities you may not have finished, such as completing all the achievements. Achievements grant you bond fragments for finishing them, which you can claim at the Somniel. 

Furthermore, you can continue to max out your support and bonds with the various characters in your party. You can also continue to do the other activities available in the Somniel.

And if you want to pay for more content, there are 4 DLC packages on the way in the Expansion Pass. These will add to the game, and it’s possible that one of these DLC packages may include New Game Plus. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

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