Here's how you can get the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

Here's how you can get the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

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8th Feb 2023 17:04

Here's how to get the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage. The Pact Ring is a major item in Fire Emblem Engage which is needed to reach S-rank with a character. Let's take a look at how to unlock it.

How can you get the Pact Ring?

After completing Chapters 21 and 22 (you have to do both in a row), you'll unlock access to a new Paralogue mission to the right of Lythos Castle. Beat the Paralogue "The Connector" and you'll get the Pact Ring.

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Once you've done the Paralogue, head to your room at the Somniel and check the small drawer by the bed. The ring will be in there. Just press A near the drawer and it'll open and give you access to the ring.

You can only use the Pact Ring with one character, so be sure you choose carefully before using it. If there's one character in particular that you like, it's best to use it on them. You won't lose anything by picking one character over another though.

There's no consequence for waiting to use it either, other than not being able to use the ring's effects in battle until you do.

What is the Pact Ring?

The Pact Ring is a special item that allows players to unlock S-rank supports with a character of their choosing.

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If you've been levelling up your bonds with characters in Engage, you'll know that it progresses from C-rank support up to A-rank support.

With the Pact Ring, you can go up to S-rank which is the highest possible support you can have with a character.

The Pact Ring also lets you unlock Alear's Emblem Form and grants you a skill that boosts the crit and dodge stats of Alear and the other Pact Ring holder.

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