How To Get Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

How To Get Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage
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26th Jan 2023 17:19

Relay tickets in Fire Emblem Engage give you access to an all-new mode in the game. It's one of the few ways you can collect crystals in Fire Emblem Engage, and you can work alongside other players to get the rewards. Here's how to get Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage. 

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Where To Find Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

Find Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage
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Relay tickets in Fire Emblem Engage are a valuable resource. The reason is that you can only get one every day. You see, you are given a relay ticket every time you appear in the town of Somniel. You'll want to make sure you get on at least once every 24 hours to take advantage of the relay tickets in Fire Emblem Engage. It's going to be like brushing your teeth in the morning or having a shower daily. It's also like checking in on your town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

However, keep in mind that you won't be able to use any Relay Tickets if you don't have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This is a purely co-op affair. 

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How To Use Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

Tower of Trials Fire Emblem Engage
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You can use your relay tickets at the Tower of Trials. It is first unlocked during Chapter 4. The Tower of Trials is in the southern part of Somniel. Make sure you fast-travel to the area as it's quite the trek to get there. 

Once inside, pick "Relay Trial." From here, you can start a battle with "New Trial" or join an existing one by picking "Take Over." Basically, this mode has random online partners tagging into the match like in the WWE. If the group is successful, they will gain rewards like crystals that help buff your emblems. Make sure you'll succeed by picking the right characters.

Hopefully, you're lucky and get suitable players during the Relay Trial. You can check the results under "View Results." It will likely take a few hours to complete. I'd check it the next day you play Fire Emblem Engage. 

When booting the game again, you should also know that you can switch to the Japanese vocal performances from the main menu, not in-game. 

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