How To Get Bond Fragments In Fire Emblem Engage

How To Get Bond Fragments In Fire Emblem Engage
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26th Jan 2023 17:20

Fire Emblem Engage bond fragments are some of the most common currencies you'll find in the game. They'll let your characters spar with each other, have your emblems gain bond rings, and change the class of your heroes. Here's every way you can get Fire Emblem Engage bond fragments. 

  • Did you know there is a Japanese voice option in Fire Emblem Engage?

How To Get Fire Emblem Engage Bond Fragments In Somniel

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Fragments Achievements
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There are multiple ways you can gain Fire Emblem Engage bond fragments throughout the town of Somniel. It's actually quite overwhelming at first. Below is a list of everything you can do in one visit to Somniel after a battle.

You can finish achievements and gain rewards by doing so. Despite the lack of any trophy or achievement system on the Nintendo Switch, the mainline game Fire Emblem Engage incentivizes you to finish challenges like forming 100 bond rings. You will gain bond fragments as a reward. Once you've finished a lot of them, head on over to the Cafe Terrace and find the Bulletin Board in the far back. 

While at the Bulletin Board, you can also donate your money to ally nations. Once you've given enough, the relationship between Somniel and the nations grows. When this happens, you are given an increase in Fire Emblem Engage bond fragments from allies after a battle. We wish this was a feature in Three Houses

There are multiple activities you can perform in Fire Emblem Engage. In Somniel's Training Yard, you can work out by doing push-ups, sit-ups, etc. In the same area, Wyvern Riding is also unlocked later in the story. Both will give you bond fragments. The harder the difficulty, the more bond fragments you'll receive. Sparring with allies in the Arena can also give you Bond Fragments if the character you pick is successful in the friendly bout.

Fishing is also unlocked at the Pond. You'll meet a few characters like Alcryst and Anna around the area. Depending on the size of the fish you capture, Alear and his allies will gain bond fragments from the activity. 

We're not done yet. If you visit the Grotto on the south side of the main buildings, you'll see a cat named Sommie (or whatever you name the animal). Once given food and stroked by Alear's hand, it will burst out Fire Emblem Engage bond fragments. 

Lastly, you can obtain bond fragments by simply picking them up on the ground. While at the Somniel, press ZR to open up the map. The golden circles on the map indicate where items can be picked up, including bond fragments. 

How To Get Bond Fragments Outside Somniel

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Fragments Battle
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Somniel is not the only place you can find Fire Emblem Engage bond fragments. After you finish an adventure in the game, you'll be transported to an explorable area based on the battlefield. Once again, press ZR to see the golden spots on the map and then pick them up from the ground. You can also talk to your allies who were successful during the last battle to gain bond fragments. The number varies, depending on how well they've done, and if you've donated enough money to foreign allies. 

Finally, while you're on the battlefield, you can gain bond fragments by waiting in squares that have golden swirling lights. 

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