All Fire Emblem Engage Characters

All Fire Emblem Engage Characters
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In Fire Emblem Engage, you can expect to recruit plenty of characters to your party. There are lots of new characters in Fire Emblem Engage, and you’ll be unlocking new ones in almost every chapter! Here are all of the Fire Emblem Engage characters that you'll meet on your adventures.

Fire Emblem Engage: How to Recruit Characters

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Most characters will join your party naturally as you progress through the story of Fire Emblem Engage. You’ll usually fight alongside them for a mission then you’ll unlock them fully after you’ve finished.

However, some characters can only be unlocked by doing side missions, or Paralogues. For example, Jean is unlocked by completing the Paralogue “Budding Talent”.

Fire Emblem Engage: All Characters

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Here’s every character you can add to your party in Fire Emblem Engage in the order you unlock them. 

Optional/missable characters are listed at the end. Be warned, as some of the characters listed are spoilers for the story of the game!

  • Alear - The main character of the game.
  • Vander - The 32nd Dragon Guardian.
  • Framme - One of the 33rd Dragon Guardians.
  • Clanne - One of the 33rd Dragon Guardians.
  • Alfred - The prince of the Kingdom of Firene.
  • Boucheron - One of Alfred’s retainers, wields an axe.
  • Etie - One of Alfred’s retainers, wields a bow.
  • Celine - The princess of the Kingdom of Firene.
  • Louis - One of the Princess’ retainers. A lance armour user.
  • Chloe - One of the Princess’ retainers. Flies with a pegasus.
  • Yunaka - A thief with a dark past.
  • Alcryst - Second prince of Brodia.
  • Lapis - One of Alcryst’s retainers, wields a heavy sword.
  • Citrinne - One of Alcryst’s retainers, a mage.
  • Diamant - The crown prince of Brodia.
  • Amber - One of Diamant’s retainers.
  • Jade - One of Diamant’s retainers.
  • Ivy - Princess of Elusia, starts as an opponent.
  • Zelkov - Ivy’s retainer, a sneaky thief.
  • Kagetsu - Ivy’s retainer, a swordmaster.
  • Fogado - Prince of Solm.
  • Pandreo - One of Fogado’s retainers, a high priest.
  • Bunet - One of Fogado’s retainers, a fan of food.
  • Timerra - Solm’s princess.
  • Merrin - One of Timerra’s retainers, rides a wolf in battle.
  • Panette - One of Timerra’s retainers, a berserker.
  • Hortensia - Ivy’s younger sister and a Princess of Elusia.
  • Seadall - A dancer found in a haunted fort.
  • Goldmary - One of Hortensia’s retainers.
  • Rosado - One of Hortensia’s retainers.
  • Mauvier - One of the Four Hounds.
  • Veyle - Mysterious girl with a surprising story.
  • Jean (missable) - A child who wants to help Alear. Found in “Budding Talent” paralogue.
  • Anna (missable) - Famous Fire Emblem merchant. Found in “Mysterious Merchant” paralogue.
  • Saphir (missable) - Warrior. Talk to her in Chapter 19 with Alear to get her to join you.
  • Lindon (missable) - A scholar from Elusia. Talk to him in Chapter 18.

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