How to inherit skills in Fire Emblem Engage

How to inherit skills in Fire Emblem Engage
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30th Jan 2023 15:38

One of the big gameplay shake-ups in Fire Emblem Engage is the ability to summon past Fire Emblem heroes to your side, and they all have special skills you can inherit. Let's find out how to utilize these skills to your advantage.

How do you inherit skills?

Once you reach a level 5 bond between one of your characters and an Emblem, you can inherit skills from them. It's a fairly convoluted system, but definitely worth doing to improve your units.

You can level up your bond between units and Emblems by giving the Emblem Ring to the unit you want to inherit skills from and engaging with them in battle. You can also just head to the Arena and train alongside the Emblem you want to inherit from.

Once you get a level 5 bond, head to the Ring Chamber in the Somniel. You'll unlock this very early in the game - it's the room to the left inside the cafe by the Bulletin Board. Once there, go to the central pedestal and select Inherit Skills.

There you can choose the character you want to inherit skills and the Emblem you're inheriting from. Skills will cost you SP, which is gained by taking part in battles.

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When you've purchased the skills you want, press ZR on that same screen to head to the Manage Skills screen. Here you can equip the skills to your character.

Once equipped, your units will become stronger than before. Be sure to head back whenever you reach bond milestones as you'll be regularly unlocking new skills to inherit.

What are Emblem Rings?

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If you've played Engage at all, you'll be familiar with the Emblem Rings. These rings are used to summon heroes like Marth, Roy, and Ike to your side in battle.

As you fight alongside these heroes, your characters will grow bonds with each of them. The higher your bond, the more benefits you'll get.

One of those benefits is the ability to inherit skills from the Emblems. 

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