All Byleth Paralogue Rewards In Fire Emblem Engage

All Byleth Paralogue Rewards In Fire Emblem Engage
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Here are all of Byleth's Paralogue rewards in Fire Emblem Engage, Nintendo's newest strategy RPG. Paralogues are a set of special maps in Fire Emblem Engage that reward you with some important things. Let's take a look at everything you can gain from the Byleth Paralogue in the Sacred Tomb.

Fire Emblem Engage Byleth Paralogue: How To Find It

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To unlock Byleth's Paralogue "The Instructor", you'll have to progress through the story quite a bit. You'll need to unlock Byleth's emblem ring from Chapter 14, the Battle for Solm.

The Paralogue will be available after Chapter 15. You can find it in Elusia to the far east at the Sacred Tomb.

Your goal is to defeat Byleth without losing Alear. The Paralogue itself is fairly difficult, as Byleth is protected by a lot of units. That includes two Phantom Wyrms on either side of him, and two Qi Adept Martial Masters who can tank hits for him.

Byleth Paralogue: Rewards

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Completing the Byleth Paralogue will reward you with the ability to level up your bonds with Byleth to level 20. Previously, the highest you could go was level 10. Level 20 bonds will unlock new skills for you to inherit with your characters.

You'll also get a bit of gold for your troubles, 4000g to be precise. And in the arena after the battle, you can find iron ingots and steel ingots.

If enough of the crystals on the map survive until the end, you'll gain additional rewards. These rewards include an Elixir and a Talisman.

If you're using Byleth a lot in battle, it's definitely a good idea to level up his bond to level 20. You can also use the arena to train up your units with Byleth to unlock more of his skills to inherit.

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