Fire Emblem Engage Fishing Guide

Fire Emblem Engage Fishing Guide
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15th Feb 2023 14:44

This Fire Emblem Engage fishing guide will detail everything you need to know about Engage's fishing minigame. Fire Emblem Engage has a lot of fun little extras like this, and fishing is one of the best. Here's everything you need to know if you fancy some fishing in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage Fishing Guide: How To Fish

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To unlock the fishing minigame at the Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage, you'll have to clear Chapter 8 of the story. This is when Diamant joins your team, and he's the one who oversees the fishing.

Fishing is pretty simple to do. Just go to the pond and talk to whoever's there to start the minigame. Then, choose your rod and start fishing.

You'll start out with a Modest Rod and unlock better rods as you play. The Sturdy and Supreme Rods unlock after Chapter 16 and 20 respectively at the flea market.

Once you've cast your line into the pond, wait for a fish to pull on it and press A. A cone will pop up with the shadow of your fish. The fish will try to escape, so pull it back into the bottom of the cone by pulling down on your control stick in the opposite direction to where it's swimming.

Once the fish is at the bottom of the cone it'll be stunned, and you can mash A to lower its "health" at the top of the screen. Lower it all the way and press A when the circle aligns to catch it.

You can also fish with Sommie to make things a bit easier.

Fire Emblem Engage Fishing Guide: All The Fish You Can Catch

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Here's a list of every available fish in Fire Emblem Engage, when you can catch them and what rod you'll need for the task.

Modest Rod Fish

  • Sammar Crab (Morning)
  • Big-Eyed Sardine (Morning)
  • Sint Trout (Morning)
  • Samian Herring (Afternoon)
  • Caria Carp (Afternoon)
  • Charwhal (Evening/Night)
  • Myceen Eel (Evening/Night)

Sturdy Rod Fish

  • Chromatic Trout (Morning)
  • Tieraden Trout (Morning)
  • Paffo Squid (Afternoon)
  • Gela Tail Sierra (Afternoon)
  • Matob Octopus (Evening/Night)
  • Tipa Salmon (Evening/Night)

Supreme Rod Fish

  • Valcamonic Cod (Morning)
  • Smash-Head Ray (Morning)
  • Monvill Bass (Afternoon)
  • Bisot Tuna (Afternoon)
  • Enchan Tuna (Afternoon)
  • Canisaria Eel (Evening/Night)
  • Mir Catfish (Evening/Night)

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