How to change FOV in Dragon's Dogma 2 on console & PC

How to change FOV in Dragon's Dogma 2 on console & PC
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Dave McAdam


29th Mar 2024 12:37

If you find the FOV in Dragon's Dogma 2 a bit restrictive, there are ways to address it on both consoles and PC. Dragon's Dogma 2 is a bit infamous now for lacking some basic features that are currently being patched in, and unfortunately, a decent FOV slider is among them.

That said, there are ways around this; while console options are limited, PC players have the advantage of mods. Here is how you can expand your FOV in the game.

How to change FOV on consoles

As mentioned, DD2 lacks a dedicated field-of-view slider, but there is an option that does expand your view. The option is called Camera Distance, and it changes the distance of the camera from the player character. This has a similar effect to changing the FOV, but not as strong as you might want it to.

The Camera options menu in Dragon's Dogma 2
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To find and change this option, you need to:

  • Open the Options menu
  • Then go to the Camera settings
  • Scrolls down to Camera Distance

Move the slider left and right to find the distance that suits you. If you want to pull the camera back so you can see more on the screen, slide it all the way to the right.

How to change FOV on PC

The Camera Tweaks mod page on Nexus Mods
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Image via Nexus Mods

While the PC version of the game does not have any more options as standard, there are ways around this. As always, modders have come to the rescue. The Camera Tweaks mod from LuisCaza on Nexus Mods gives players the ability to expand the default FOV of 60 degrees to either 75, or 90.

This is a dramatic improvement for those of us who find narrow FOV options claustrophobic or restrictive. If you are yet to try any mods for DD2, we have a full guide on our favourite mods which also explains the process of downloading and installing them.

That is it for our FOV guide. For more handy info, check out our Dragon's Dogma 2 homepage where we have guides on how to farm Gold & XP, romance, Maister locations, camping, buying houses, and upgrading armour & weapons.

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