Should you sell Onyx, Jasper & Tiger Eye in Dragon's Dogma 2

Should you sell Onyx, Jasper & Tiger Eye in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Tarran Stockton


2nd Apr 2024 14:32

I found a lot of Onyx, Jasper, and Tiger Eye jewels when playing Dragon's Dogma 2, but it didn't become clear what I should do with them until later in the game

As a valuable piece of loot, it's tempting to just sell any jewels straight away to help build up your gold reserves for a player house or one of the best cloaks, but like many aspects of DD2, patience will help you the most here. Learn exactly what I recommend you do with your jewels below.

Should you sell Onyx, Jasper & Tiger Eye?

I only recommend selling Onyx, Jasper, and Tiger Eye jewels in the region where you can get the most for them, as each one is rarer in certain parts of the map.

You can get an idea of where this will be in the item description, but here's the respective region for each one:

  • Onyx - Worth more in Vermund
  • Jasper - Worth more in Battahl
  • Tiger Eye - Worth more in the Elven Lands

Below, you can find an example of how much each one sells for at a vendor in Vermund.

Onyx, Jasper, and Tiger Eye vendor prices in Vermund in Dragon's Dogma 2
Click to enlarge

This means if you tried to sell a Jasper anywhere in Vermund, you'd only get several hundred gold for it, whereas saving it for a vendor in Battahl will net you a few thousand instead. 

It's certainly worth holding onto them by placing them into storage when you keep this in mind, as the gold rewards later in the game have the potential to be immense if you have lots of jewels saved up.

In my playthrough, I had 23 Jasper before I even set foot in Battahl, meaning when I finally sold them over there I came away with over 40,000 gold. 

Another option for your jewels is to gift them to NPCs for extra affinity. Characters who are listed as liking fancy or expensive items in the NPCs logbook will appreciate getting jewels more, especially if they are rarer in their local region.

If you raise the affinity of an NPC enough, they can leave you useful gifts, and merchant NPCs will give you discounts, but I would recommend saving the majority of your jewels for the money reward instead.

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