How to raise affinity & romance NPCs in Dragon's Dogma 2

How to raise affinity & romance NPCs in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Curious about the affinity system in Dragon's Dogma 2, and if you can romance the NPCs? Well, you filthy animal, Dragon's Dogma 2 does have some options for the Arisen who sees themselves as the Lothario of Vermund.

Beyond raising affinity with NPCs, there are special characters in the game whom you can more intimately romance. To learn all about them and how you can get into their… good graces, we have all the details.

NPC affinity and how to raise it

Ulrika's entry in the Dragon's Dogma 2 NPC Logbook
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How much an NPC in Dragon's Dogma 2 likes you is measured by their affinity. You cannot see an affinity level or anything like that, as it isn't a stat that you can track. You'll know when you've reached the maximum when the NPC's face starts to glow red when they see you, so your only real tactic is to give gifts until you see some rosy cheeks.

Gifts are how you raise affinity, but not just any gift will work. By viewing a character's details in the NPC Logbook, you can learn what they like. In the picture above, we see that Ulrika likes adorable items and beautiful items. If you want to raise her affinity, bring her gifts she might find adorable or beautiful.

Giving an NPC a gift in Dragon's Dogma 2
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As you raise someone's affinity, they might ask you for a favour. This generally entails escorting them to a certain location, which comes with its own dangers. There is a high likelihood that there will be monsters to fight, so your number one objective will be to keep your beau safe on their travels.

Once you reach maximum affinity and the NPC blushes at you, they might start giving you gifts instead. They will appear at your house if you have one and mostly come in the form of bunches of flowers. From a cynical gameplay sense, the only real use for these flowers is to use them as gifts. Still, it's the thought that counts, right?

Who can you romance in Dragon's Dogma 2?

There are two characters with romance subplots whose affections you can win.

Those two characters are Ulrika, whom you first meet when arrive in Melve, and Wilhelmina, the proprietress of the Rose Chateau Bordelrie. As with all things in Dragon's Dogma 2, time is of the essence, and missing your cues might lock you out of these romances completely.

Romancing Ulrika

Meeting Ulrika at her house in Dragon's Dogma 2
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For Ulrika, you will need to return to Melve after spending some time and completing some of the main quests in Vernworth. Provided you return before completing all the quests for Captain Brant in Vernworth, you should arrive at Melve to find it under attack from a dragon. You'll need to jump in and help defend the village.

This will start the Readvent of Calamity quest. Visit Ulrika's House and hear her dispute with Martin. After staying the night, Ulrika will leave the village, and Lennart will ask you to find her.

You'll find her in Harve Village, but first, you will need to complete the "Monster Culling" quest to clear Stormwind Cave, then complete "Scaly Invaders" once you reach Harve.

After speaking with her, wait a few days to return to Harve Village. You will find her arguing with the village leader, after which you can join her in Stormwind Cave to help rescue a captured villager.

Speaking with Ulrika after completing her quests
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Ulrika will be made village chief for this, and she will stay in Harve. You can visit her here and bring her gifts to raise her affinity. To properly romance her, you will need to head back to Melve once more. Once there, bribe the guard to enter the village and speak with Lennart.

He needs you to bring him four swords to arm the villagers. You can either give him four of your own, or get the confiscated weapons from the nearby store. If you helped Ian and Norbert earlier they will distract the guard, allowing you to take them easily.

Bring Lennart the swords, then help the villagers fight off the queen's soldiers. Once they retreat, the villagers will make their way to Harve. Head there after a few days to meet Ulrika on the pier. She will thank you, and ask you to return at night. Do so, and you will have won her affections.

Romancing Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina on her balcony in Dragon's Dogma 2
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This romance plot comes up a little bit later in the game. To begin with, talk to Captain Brant about the masquerade. This will begin a quest where you will have to infiltrate this masquerade ball to learn more about the false sovran. You will meet Wilhelmina after infiltrating the masquerade, and she will offer her help to you.

After completing the quest "Disa's Plot", talk to Captain Brant about Minister Allard and you will be given a quest to investigate him. As you go to make your escape from the castle, Wilhelmina will help you get past the guards.

Later, once you have completed the main quests in Vernworth and your next task is to head for Bakbattahl, visit the Rose Chateau.

Head upstairs to Wilhelmina's room where you will be told she is busy. Go around the corner to the left to peak through the painting, and you will witness a discussion between Wilhelmina and Allard.

Speaking to Wilhelmina in Dragon's Dogma 2
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She will invite you in, and fill you in on her plot to expose and kill Allard. If you agree to help her, you'll begin the Every Rose Has Its Thorns quest. First, you need to find the evidence she needs and do so in less than three days.

  • First, go speak with Sven in the castle, he will send you to Patrick for help. Patrick will tell you that Allard likely hides things behind his paintings, and that he will distract Allard while you investigate.
    • Enter Allard's estate, go up the stairs and through the first door. You'll find the evidence, a Murder Report, behind a small painting on your left.
  • For the second piece of evidence, a Bribery Investigation, go to the building just south of Clovis's Barberie, in the Merchant Quarter. You'll find the letter on the table as you walk in the door.

Romancing Wilhelmina in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Bring the evidence to Brant, and show him both. I showed him the Bribery Investigation first, then told him I would search for more evidence. I spoke to him again and showed him the Murder Report.

This way, he is less adamant about the assassination and when he asks about your intent, you can say "I'll have any aid you can give". This is the only way to get his help with what comes next.

The next step is to return to Wilhelmina and show her the evidence. When she asks, tell her you will continue giving her your aid. After a cutscene, you will be instructed to enter a room and grab Allard.

After another cutscene, jump out the window and you will meet Brant, who will help you get away without attracting the attention of the guards.

With Wilhelmina's quest completed, she asks you to return to her the following evening. You can use your imagination for what comes next.

That is it for our guide to romance and gaining NPC affinity. For more, head to our Dragon's Dogma 2 homepage where we have a litany of guides, covering smithing styles, fixing bridges, farming Gold & XP, solving the Sphinx's riddles, or dealing with the dreaded Dragonsplague.

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