How to upgrade armour & weapons in Dragon's Dogma 2

How to upgrade armour & weapons in Dragon's Dogma 2
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25th Mar 2024 10:11

As you explore Dragon's Dogma 2's open world, you might feel that your weapons and armour are a bit underpowered and unreliable - so it's vital to upgrade them to better protect you and your Pawns from the game's dangerous foes. 

So if you're just diving into your adventure and are unsure where to start, read on for a full explanation on improving your items to better withstand an attack.

Where to upgrade armour & weapons

You can upgrade your weapons in a Smithy and Armory located in the major cities and towns in the game. The first one you'll likely encounter is in Vernworth, the capital city of Vernmund - which you'll have the option to get to by going with Gregor to the Capital.

There you'll find Roderick's Smithy and Bjorn's Armory near the Merchant Quarter. You can go to any of these to upgrade your weapons and armour.

Image showing rodericks smithy location in dragons dogma 2
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Additionally, there are also similar shops in other major locations like the Borderwatch Outpost's shop, Bakbattahl and the Checkpoint Rest Town.

How to upgrade

Approaching a vendor and interacting with them via the Enhance Equipment option will open the tab to upgrade your weapons and armour, and here, you can upgrade both your main character's kit as well as your Pawns'.

dragon's dogma 2 weapon upgrade screen
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There are three levels of upgrade you can do to any weapon and armour. Generally, the first upgrade will cost only gold, and you won't have an issue getting these as you come across that easily enough simply by playing.

The second and third upgrades, though, require other materials in addition to gold, like Goblin Horns, Slate-colored Horns, Copper Ore, and Scrap Iron.

Should you upgrade them?

You should upgrade your and your Pawns' weapons and armour whenever you can, as you'll be facing tougher and more complex enemies as you progress - so it's vital to have the best equipment possible for you at that moment. 

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