Deathloop: Can You Play With Friends?

Deathloop: Can You Play With Friends?
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Daniel Hollis


21st Sep 2022 13:21

One of the most unique features Arkane has introduced in Deathloop is its unique spin on multiplayer. As players tackle missions and advance in the story as the protagonist Colt, they may periodically be tracked down by Julianna - an assassin out to get you. 

Instead of simply bringing co-op or a generic form of competitive multiplayer to Deathloop, the developer has added the ability to invade people’s matches as Julianna herself. This means the antagonist may not always be controlled by the AI and instead handled by another player, adding another level of challenge to each mission.

But can your friends jump into your game and attempt to take you out when you least suspect it? We’ve got that very important question answered for you.

Deathloop: Can You Play With Friends?

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With such a unique multiplayer feature, many are undeniably wondering whether this can be explored with friends. While it's fun enough to do against random players online, there’s nothing quite like messing with your mates and invading their game to cause some havoc.

Thankfully, this is something that Arkane has appreciated when developing Deathloop, and as a result, is a feature present in the full release.


In order to do this, players who want to play as Julianna and invade their friend's game will need to complete one of the early story missions called “The Longest Day”. Once this has been completed, you will be able to select an option from the main menu known as “Protect the Loop”, which allows you to embody the deadly assassin.

From here, be sure to click “Invade Friend’s Timeline”, and once done so, you will be presented with a list of available players on your friends list to invade. It’s worth noting that the player controlling Colt must have their online settings changed to “Friends Only Mode”.

Is Deathloop Crossplay?

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Originally, Deathloop did not have crossplay enabled at the time of release. This has now changed since the Goldenloop update that was released on September 20th, 2022.

The free update allows PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox for PC players to perform cross-platform matchmaking. You can also change the settings to play against all controller types or simply players with the same setup as yourself.

With this newly added feature, players across all platforms will now be able to invade each other’s games. With no barriers between consoles and PC, we imagine invading in Deathloop is going to get a lot more fun.

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