DEATHLOOP Tips: 8 Ways To Master The Time Loop Shooter

DEATHLOOP Tips: 8 Ways To Master The Time Loop Shooter
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21st Sep 2022 10:49

These DEATHLOOP tips will be key if you're looking to get an edge over the many inhabitants of Blackreef and break the loop before getting killed yourself. Arkane's latest stealth-shooter hybrid, DEATHLOOP, sees you trapped within a time loop on an isolated island where you need to kill a series of specific targets in one day and escape. This is no easy task, but if you want to break the loop, our DEATHLOOP tips are key, so read on for the full list. 

DEATHLOOP Tips: Enemies Are Almost Deaf

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Alright, enemies aren't literally deaf, but they are completely oblivious to things happening around them. Spotted two people chatting, but one isn't looking at the other? Pop a bullet through their skull, and the other one is unlikely to hear the body crumple to the ground behind them. Even if you don't have a silenced weapon, you can sneak right up to them and pull off an assassination with the other enemy completely unaware. Just make sure they're not looking in your direction, because they'll spot you a mile off.

DEATHLOOP Tips: Infuse Slabs And Upgrades First

Whenever you successfully escape from a district or finish a full day, you're able to spend residuum on the weapons, trinkets, and abilities you want to keep to the next day. Always, always, always make sure you prioritise the DEATHLOOP slabs and slab upgrades, simply because they are the hardest thing to acquire. Killing visionaries is the trickiest part of the game, and you already have to kill the same one multiple times to acquire upgrades in the first place, so even though they cost a hefty amount of residuum to infuse, always prioritise them when you get the chance. Even unique weapons are easier to acquire again, provided you remember where they are.


DEATHLOOP Tips: Explore Everywhere

DEATHLOOP has a lot of set decoration and objects that can't be interacted with in any way, but hidden amongst all the finer details are notes, audio logs, and other collectibles that will help you to learn more about Blackreef and its inhabitants. A single note may lead you down a rabbit hole of discovery, as you dive deeper into who left it there and what they're up to over the course of this repeating 24-hour period. Don't rush things, because this game has plenty to find behind the curtain.

DEATHLOOP Tips: Aether Lets You Bypass Security

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Aether, the slab acquired from Egor, turns you invisible at will, hiding you from any nearby enemies. But did you know you can also use it to bypass security? The laser wires, mines, defence turrets, and security scanners in DEATHLOOP aren't pressure-detected, which means that Aether will let you walk right on past. We'd still recommend whipping out your Hackamajig to commandeer them though, just so you don't have to use Aether on your way back.

DEATHLOOP Tips: Batteries Can Be Re-used

There are a number of times throughout the game you'll need to use a battery. The most notable of these is when you're powering the six generators in The Complex power station. Don't worry about finding six batteries though; as long as the battery still has some charge left, you can plonk it into another slot and re-use it. Don't waste time hunting down six different batteries. You can also recharge your batteries at the few recharging stations dotted around the place.

DEATHLOOP Tips: You Can Hack Through Walls

Don't get caught out by trying to hack a turret or scanner while it detects you; once you start the hack, you can duck back behind cover and the hacking will continue. Even though you can't see the progress bar anymore, keep holding the button down, and you'll continue hacking it. Listen for the sound cue, so you know when it's complete.

DEATHLOOP Tips: All Eternalists Die In One Headshot

No matter which gun you're using, whether it's the unique sniper rifle or a measly LIMP-10, if you spot an eternalist that doesn't know you're there, you can stick one bullet into their noggin for a kill. It doesn't matter how far away you are either; nobody is surviving a shot to the head, especially with one of the best DEATHLOOP weapons.

DEATHLOOP Tips: Press The Hackamajig Once To Highlight Hackable Objects

It's sometimes tricky to realise which objects and machines you can hack with the Hackamajig, but worry no longer. If you press the Hackamajig button once while not aiming at anything in particular, everything within your line of sight that can be hacked will be highlighted.

Now you know all of the top DEATHLOOP tips, follow our DEATHLOOP pictograms guide to learn how to complete the Charlie and Fia lead.

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