Deathloop: Colt's Apartment Safe Code

Deathloop: Colt's Apartment Safe Code
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Daniel Hollis


21st Sep 2022 16:52

Deathloop is a puzzle box of mysteries, and while some will click almost instantly, others can leave you scratching your head wondering where you went wrong. As with other Arkane Studios games, there are multiple paths and areas to explore that most players won’t even discover on their first playthrough. However, those who want to experience everything in Deathloop will undoubtedly be scouring every single nook and cranny.

One such secret you’ll most likely stumble across is a number of safes across the map, and one of the first you’ll venture into is in Colt’s apartment. Since this is one of your first introductions to safes in the game, it can be a bit confusing on how to unlock it, but thankfully, we have the answer for you.

How To Open Colt’s Apartment Safe In Deathloop?

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Once you reach Colt’s apartment in the early hours of Deathloop, you will notice a safe residing within. It’s locked, and the curious amongst you will be scrounging around the environment looking for an applicable code to enter.

Unfortunately, you have to wait just a little longer. Further into the story, you will be tasked to travel to a place known as Fristad Rock, and once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to visit a building called Aeon Security Office. Once inside, you will find the combination of the safe in question on a document known as Paint-Smudged Missive, and then you will be able to return with the code in hand.

Many players have reported the code is randomised, meaning you won’t be able to simply Google the code the first time you reach the safe. Luckily, it’s not too much later into the story until you’re able to gain this code.


We won’t spoil what’s in the safe, as it’s related to the story of Deathloop, but don’t expect any weapons, trinkets, or other exciting upgrades. 

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