Deathloop Glowing Objects: How To Get Residuum Fast

Deathloop Glowing Objects: How To Get Residuum Fast
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21st Sep 2022 15:36

Deathloop is a strange and wondrous world filled with tons of secrets for players to discover. Whether it be hidden route or ways to use the level design to your advantage - Deathloop is constantly testing the player to create their own ways of play.

However, one particular secret is eluding many Deathloop players as they attempt to piece together the story’s puzzle. Throughout the adventure, you will most likely spot strange glowing objects in the environment, but will likely be unsure what they actually are. While they may seem like window dressing within the levels, they actually have a huge purpose in the world of Deathloop.

What Are Glowing Objects In Deathloop?

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In the game’s opening hours, these glowing objects will be practically worthless. However, once you complete an early story mission known as “The Longest Day”, they become much more valuable.

Players will discover these items contain a currency known as Residuum; which is used in a process known as Infusion. This mechanic allows players to make their loops in the game easier by carrying over weapons and abilities permanently. 

It’s a fantastic way of allowing players to build their character in Deathloop and utilise the rogue-lite nature of the game in their own unique way. Suddenly, these glowing objects containing Residuum are something all players should be striving to get.

How To Get Residuum In Deathloop

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Now we know the true nature of Residuum in Deathloop, your next port of call is going to be figuring out the best ways to acquire as much as possible. There are a few ways this can be achieved, and you may be surprised to know the glowing objects in the environment is perhaps the least beneficial way of claiming as much Residuum as possible:

Instead, your main source of income is going to be from taking down Visionaries and absorbing them from their corpse or by scrapping unwanted weapons and trinkets in your inventory. 


Can You Lose Residuum In Deathloop?

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Unfortunately, Residuum is not a permanent currency, and you’re going to want to spend it as and when you can. For every new loop you make, you lose all that is in your possession. This is also applicable if you die and fail to retrieve the Residuum from where you were defeated. 

It’s important to keep a track of your Residuum in Deathloop at all times, and ensure item management is just as important as blasting your way through the game’s many levels.

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