DEATHLOOP The Runt: What To Do With The Talking Statue

DEATHLOOP The Runt: What To Do With The Talking Statue
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21st Sep 2022 12:54

In DEATHLOOP The Runt is a statue that never stops talking, but despite how tempting it may be to destroy it when you come across it, it's a useful item for one of the game's quests. There are many times in DEATHLOOP where you will come across an item that isn't immediately useful, but more often than not they are key for solving some objective down the line. So if you want to know where to find DEATHLOOP The Runt, and learn what it's sued for, we’ve got you covered. 

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DEATHLOOP The Runt Explained

Deathloop The Runt: What Wenjies Want 2-BIT Solution
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The Runt is found in the safe in the middle of the library, but it's possible to get your hands on this talking model Aleksis before you need to for a lead. The Runt is related to the Wenjie questline in DEATHLOOP: What Wenjies Want. Completing this in the correct order would see you speak to 2-BIT first, the AI machine inside Charlie Montague's roleplaying house. It will explain that it needs a recording of Aleksis in order to manipulate the words and create the broadcast to lure Wenjie to the party.

So if you find The Runt inside the library and pick it up before you have this objective, simply take it to 2-BIT. You should be able to place the talking Aleksis statuette on the side and 2-BIT will be able to create the audio file you need. Make sure to select "make Aleksis give Wenjie what she wants" when prompted to choose though. Thankfully, this lead has a lot less of a random nature compared to something like the DEATHLOOP boathouse puzzle or the DEATHLOOP delivery code.


That's all there is to it! The Runt may give away your position if other eternalists hear you carrying it, but as long as you know exactly what to do with it then you can beeline straight to 2-BIT.

We've also got a primer on how to find the DEATHLOOP pictograms in Fia's fortress, so you can discover the secret hideaway. 

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