DEATHLOOP Delivery Code: How To Open Gideon Fry's Delivery Booths

DEATHLOOP Delivery Code: How To Open Gideon Fry's Delivery Booths
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21st Sep 2022 12:15

Getting the DEATHLOOP delivery code for the Fry's delivery booths is key to solving the puzzle of breaking the loop and killing all of the Visionaries on the island, as they give you the option to send important items to different districts. Each loop in DEATHLOOP takes place over the course of a day, allowing you to explore the four different locations across four periods of time in the day. It soon becomes clear that being in the right places at the right time is vital, and the delivery booths helps massively with this. So check out how to get the DEATHLOOP delivery code, along with what exactly it's used for. 

  • We also have a breakdown of the DEATHLOOP slabs, which runs down how they work and what some of the best ones are. 

How To Use The DEATHLOOP Delivery Booths

Deathloop delivery booths: How to use them
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Since each district has one of Gideon Fry's delivery booths, once you have the delivery code - more on that below - you can send an item to another delivery booth somewhere else in Blackreef to collect later on in the day. This means that unfortunately, if you need an item in the morning somewhere, you'll need to find it within the district itself rather than obtaining it from a delivery booth because you can only deliver to a later time in the day.

When you access a delivery booth, you have four options of what item to deliver:

  • Battery
  • Crank-Wheel
  • Nullifier
  • Turret


While the latter two are mainly useful for combat purposes, both the battery and crank-wheel are super handy to have if you need to solve a puzzle or open a safe. Note that if you already have an uncollected package somewhere, you can't use another delivery booth until that item has been collected.

DEATHLOOP Delivery Booth Locations

Deathloop delivery booth locations
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Where are each of the delivery booths found? There is one per district, but finding them on the fly can be tricky to remember if you haven't used it before

Updaam: The Updaam delivery booth location is right in the middle of the map, across the square from the library entrance.
The Complex: At one side of the parking lot with quite a few eternalists patrolling, which - if you're lucky - could be near the tunnel you exit from. If not, it's over the other side of the map.
Fristad Rock: Right in front of the only tunnel here, take out the few eternalists in the area, and it's right next to the huge AEON sign.
Karl's Bay: Down the road from the tunnels, outside the entrance to the Gardens of Perception.

Where To Find The DEATHLOOP Delivery Code

Deathloop delivery code location
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In order to learn the delivery code to unlock all of the booths, you need to head to Fristad Rock. The code is inside Fia's fortress - the same place you need to go to find the DEATHLOOP pictograms.

If you haven't got to the stage of Afternoon Delight where you need the pictograms yet though, or if you missed the delivery code the first time you went through her fortress, let us explain how to get it. You'll want to approach from the smaller entrance with the security booth and around four or five eternalists, rather than through the parking lot.

Once the enemies are down and the turret has been hacked, go through the entrance and smash the window on your right. Climb through and look to the whiteboard - a four-digit code will be written down. Remember this, or write it down yourself, because you can't interact with it in-game which means you won't be able to auto-fill it at the delivery booth.

This code will work for all four delivery booths, so don't worry about having to find three others elsewhere. Now you can bring along tools to help you take down the visionaries and break the loop.

Make sure you check out our guide that covers the best DEATHLOOP weapons, and you will be able to tear through the enemies covering Blackreef.

Ford is the former Guides Editor at GGRecon.

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