DEATHLOOP Weapons: Best Guns To Kill Everyone In Blackreef

DEATHLOOP Weapons: Best Guns To Kill Everyone In Blackreef
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The DEATHLOOP weapons list is long and full of some dangerous weaponry for you to make use of during your journey across the various areas of Blackreef. Your choice of weapon can determine if you live or die at the hands of Julianna, one of the other visionaries in DEATHLOOP, or simply an eternalist. This means you'll want to get your hands on the most powerful hardware as soon as possible, so check out our DEATHLOOP weapons tier list. 

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DEATHLOOP Weapons List

Best Deathloop weapons
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There are 12 different guns available in DEATHLOOP. Each can serve as a fine partner in your fight for survival, along with accompanying all the DEATHLOOP slabs. Here are all of the DEATHLOOP weapons with a quick overview of how they work:

  • PT-6 ‘Spiker' - This is a ridiculously handy gun that allows you to silently kill enemies from a distance. The nail gun is lethal when aimed at the head and actually has a fairly decent range for a handgun. Holding down the fire button will charge up your shot to increase the power and range. Hit someone in the head with this and they are going down instantly.
  • LIMP-10 - Literally the first gun you'll find in the game by the doorway on the beach, the LIMP-10 is a machine pistol that you can rely on in any situation. Get a purple one with a suppressor equipped and it's by far the best stealth gun in the game, although can be difficult to find. It's also the best for silent headshots, as explained in our DEATHLOOP tips.

Best Deathloop weapons
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  • MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’ - This will help you out in any sticky situation. This machine-gun has a large ammo capacity and a steady rate of fire. This helped me out a lot on early level gameplay, especially in moments where stealth was not an option.
  • Tribunal - This semi-automatic pistol can be your best friend when utilised properly. From close to medium range levels this gun really packs a punch. It's low recoil is very user friendly but will fall short when it comes to any sort of long ranged combat. 
  • Rapier - Accuracy is your greatest ally when it comes to this handgun. It is great at providing a solid blast to any enemy at either close or medium range but can fall short compared to some of the other weapons due to its extremely slow reload time. It is certainly one to use in a small crowd rather than when crashing a party. 
  • Vopat Trencher -  In summary, this is your standard double-barrel shotgun. This is certainly one that will require a trinket or two to get the most out of it, however. 

Best Deathloop weapons
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  • Strelak 50-50 - This combat shotgun is very effective when you become overwhelmed by enemies. It will tear through enemies at close to medium range and is perfect for crowd control. The only negative would be slow reload time. 


  • The Fourpounder - Duel-wielding this is one of the most fun experiences you will have in the game. It will absolutely mutilate people at close range and is one of the most satisfying weapons in the game. 
  • Sepulchra Breteira - A gold tier weapon that you will no doubt have seen before in the trailers. This sniper rifle is devastating over long distances, as you would expect. This can be obtained from Updaam during the afternoon or it has a chance of being a dropped weapon from Julianna if you are lucky. 
  • Constancy Automatic - This is your reward for taking down Visionary Frank. This gold-tier weapon has the ability to reload while you are still firing, owing to the fact is has two ammo clips. You only stop the barrage of gunfire when your clips are fully empty. 

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  • Strelak Verso - These pistols can be duel-wielded as a quick-firing pair of automatic pistols or combined together to create a rather powerful burst cannon. While it is a very handy weapon to have, it feels significantly less powerful when compared to the other gold weapons you can find. 
  • Heritage Gun - This is the full package really. It has both close and long-range covered with ease thanks to it having the ability to be transformed. Heading towards a building? Equip the long-range rifle. Battling inside the building? Switch it up to the close-range shotgun. 
  • Machete - The standard combat knife in every game. Get a silent kill from behind and it will be an instant kill. It can also help you out in some sticky situations as it will kill most enemies with a few blows. 

Best DEATHLOOP Weapons

Best Deathloop Weapons
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Each weapon you choose will be fit for a different purpose. Normally, each level you face will have an outside section leading up to an end level battle in a close-quarters environment, followed by the long walk home. It is recommended you customise your arsenal to prepare for all these different environments.

For your close range fighting, you cannot get much better than the Vopat Trencher. Attach a few trinkets to this and it becomes a death machine. The rate of fire and the damage it deals with are ideal for the tight areas often littered with multiple enemies. Use your trinkets to improve the reload speed and you are onto a winner there. 

The PT-6 ‘Spiker’ served me well in the medium range department. On approach to objectives and upon arrival at indoor areas, the spiker's one-hit kill can be ridiculously useful at clearing areas. Enemies are easily distracted by a well-placed kill and will flock to the body, either allowing you to move around or pick them off one by one. Add a few trinkets to improve the recoil and range and you are onto a game-winner right there. 

The Rapier is our final choice to cover you in both medium and long-range assaults. While it may seem like the Rapier is suited to a more short length game, the damage actually carries over into a long-range environment very well. The magazine size is suitable for most scenarios and you have the ability to eliminate multiple enemies in one magazine.

Now you know the best DEATHLOOP weapons, have a look at our DEATHLOOP pictograms guide to help you complete the Afternoon Delight lead.

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