How Long Is DEATHLOOP? Length And Time To Beat Explained

How Long Is DEATHLOOP? Length And Time To Beat Explained
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21st Sep 2022 11:59

You may want to know, how long is DEATHLOOP. Arkane's latest stealth-action outing is nearly a year old at the time of writing this, but plenty of players may be diving in due to the recent Xbox launch, and its new inclusion on Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. DEATHLOOP isn't the biggest game, but there is plenty to discover in the various areas of Blackreef, and many quests you can complete along the way. So read on to see how long DEATHLOOP is depending on your playstyle. 

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How long is Deathloop?
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Wanting to pick up the game but unsure if the price point matches up with the number of hours you can get out of it? Completely understandable, but don't worry - we've got you covered. 

When playing the stealth-shooter for the first full run-through, you're roughly looking at about 22 hours of playtime. That's considering an average playthrough - taking on most of the discoveries and leads, but not striving for 100% completion. It takes time to beat this game, but also won't take up too much time and could be completed in a weekend if you're someone who doesn't dawdle on a game, meaning the DEATHLOOP time to beat doesn't demand too much from you compared to some other egregiously long games. Part of the main lead involves finding all the DEATHLOOP pictograms, so follow our guide if you need some help.


If you're just wanting to whip through the main quest only and forget about the pesky side missions, then you'll be looking at approximately 15-ish hours of gameplay. 

Completing every single side quest alongside the main storyline will probably see you squeeze around 25-30 hours out of your playtime, but that also includes elements of trophy/achievement completion and more. If that is your goal, you'll definitely want to check out our DEATHLOOP slabs guide which lists all of the available upgrades.

We also have a series of DEATHLOOP tips, which covers some important things you should know when getting started. 

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