DEATHLOOP Slabs: All Abilities, Upgrades, And How To Get Them

DEATHLOOP Slabs: All Abilities, Upgrades, And How To Get Them
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21st Sep 2022 11:29

DEATHLOOP slabs are a key component of the game, as they allow you to use special abilities to gain the edge in combat and manoeuvre around the environment to get vertical advantages. DEATHLOOP has a whole slew of powerful abilities that Colt can equip in his fight against the Visionaries, and you will need them if you hope to break the loop in a timely manner. So if you want to know what the best DEATHLOOP slabs are, along with how to unlock them all, we've got you covered.  

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DEATHLOOP Slabs Explained And How To Get Each One

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Slabs are seen as some of the rarest items you can acquire in the game, so as you would imagine - they are far from easy to access. Obtaining them is very dependent on you being in the right place at the right time of the day and managing to infiltrate heavily guarded areas. 

Here, we will summarise for you what each slab does and which ones you will need to make your journey through Blackreef a whole lot easier. 

Here is every slab you can find in DEATHLOOP and where you can obtain them: 

  • Aether Slab - This slab gives you the ability of temporary invisibility. Your illusion is not permanent however, as the slightest noise or disturbance will break the ability and expose you to enemies. This slab can be gathered from Egor Serling at The Complex during the evening. 
  • Havoc Slab - This incredibly useful slab increases your overall damage but also allows any damage you receive to hit your reserve instead of your main health supply. This slab can be stolen from Fia Zborowska at Fristad Rock during the noon timeslot. 


  • Karnesis Slab - This is your telekinesis slab. grabbing this little miracle slab allows you to throw enemies around the map using the power of your mind. It can be found attached to Aleksis Dorsey in Updaam during the evening. 

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  • Nexus Slab - This is a brutal one. The Nexus Slab allows you to connect your enemies together, meaning if one of them dies, they all die. This can be added to your repertoire by defeating Harriet Morse at Karl's Bay in the morning. 
  • Shift Slab - This one can be very handy in a tight situation or to escape from that pesky Julianna. With this slab in your possession, you can teleport over short distances. You can grab this from Charlie Montague at Updaam if you wait until noon. 
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DEATHLOOP Slab Upgrades List

Each slab comes with a unique set of upgrades. These can be added to your collection by killing the same Visionaries across multiple loops. The more Visionaries you kill, the more powerful the slabs become. Here is a guide to all the upgrades you can gather: 

  • Aether Slab
    • Upgrade 1 - Enemies will no longer leave a trace when they are killed. 
    • Upgrade 2 - Attacking an enemy no longer deactivates Aether. 
    • Upgrade 3 - Your aether does not use power when you are standing still. 
    • Upgrade 4 - If you are unlucky enough to receive damage, you don't deactivate your aether. 
  • Havoc Slab
    • Upgrade 1 - You can now unleash a large damaging blast when the havoc ends. 
    • Upgrade 2 - Your hits don't drain power but your Havoc drains power faster and your movement is slowed. 
    • Upgrade 3 -  Taking any form of damage increases the damage your havoc deals. 
    • Upgrade 4 You regain power when attacking enemies. 

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  • Karnesis Slab
    • Upgrade 1 -  This upgrade allows your to slam enemies into the ground. 
    • Upgrade 2 - You can now push multiple enemies away from you
    • Upgrade 3 -  Enemies that you throw will now hover in the air before falling. 
    • Upgrade 4 Enemies that are thrown will now land on the floor with a large blast.
  • Nexus Slab
    • Upgrade 1 -  Your Nexus projectiles will home in on your enemies. 
    • Upgrade 2 - Enemies will now create new connections. 
    • Upgrade 3 -  You now can regain lost health whenever an enemy is damaged. 
    • Upgrade 4 The Nexus drains your power at a reduced rate. 

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  • Shift Slab
    • Upgrade 1 -  If you use your shift whilst in the air, you will briefly halt your fall. 
    • Upgrade 2 - Performing a kick during a shift will create a sonic boom. 
    • Upgrade 3 - Shifting lets you travel further and with a higher distance.    
    • Upgrade 4 This upgrade allows you to swap your position with an enemy. 

It is obviously a matter of opinion when it comes to what is the most useful slab to use during combat. This all depends on your gameplay style. We would say the most useful one for most approaches would be the Havoc Slab. The increase in damage will greatly assist you throughout the game and allow you to take down some of the more difficult enemies. 

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