DEATHLOOP Boathouse Puzzle: How To Solve The Gas Room

DEATHLOOP Boathouse Puzzle: How To Solve The Gas Room
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21st Sep 2022 12:44

The DEATHLOOP boathouse puzzle can be very difficult to solve in your first go, and if you aren't quick about it, you can easily die and be forced to begin the loop again. DEATHLOOP has a lot of optional content hidden in its four major areas, and the boathouse puzzle tasks you with saving a random person by solving a series of tasks. So check out the full walkthrough for how to solve the DEATHLOOP boathouse puzzle below. 

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DEATHLOOP Boathouse Puzzle: How To Escape The Gas Room

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So you've wandered inside the boathouse and been trapped by the gas; how do you get out?

The first thing you want to do is whip out your hackamajig and look to the box by the stairs on the left-hand side. Hack this open and read the gas drainage protocols note. Next, look through the locked door and you should see a whiteboard with three numbers on it. As is the case with all the puzzles in DEATHLOOP - including the DEATHLOOP pictograms and DEATHLOOP delivery code - these are random every time, so simply telling you the code we had won't solve your puzzle.


Go downstairs and you can find some planks to smash below the staircase. Enter this secret room to discover a series of levers - pull the levers that correspond with the numbers on the whiteboard, head back upstairs, and push the button to complete the boathouse puzzle and escape the gas room.

It's actually a fairly simple puzzle to solve, but being locked in the room with gas means it's easy to panic. Once you've solved the puzzle and saved the "man behind glass", he'll reveal some interesting story details and you can leave.

Of course, there's plenty more to discover in Blackreef, including all of the DEATHLOOP weapons, which we cover the best of in our tier list guide. 

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