Dead By Daylight Fire Up: How To Unlock And Use The Fire Up Perk

Dead By Daylight Fire Up: How To Unlock And Use The Fire Up Perk
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11th Jul 2022 14:15

Dead by Daylight Fire Up is a Killer perk that makes the Killer more powerful as the Trial progresses. Dead by Daylight may be a spooky horror game, but it is still an online competitive multiplayer game. As such, it has competitive game mechanics and a full suite of perks for both Survivors and Killers. Here is everything you need to know about the Dead by Daylight Fire Up Killer perk.

Dead by Daylight Fire Up: What It Does

Dead by Daylight: A chart of the details of the Fire Up perk
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Fire Up is, as mentioned, a perk available for Killers. This perk gains stacks throughout the game, one for each time a generator is completed. This may sound detrimental, relying on Survivors to complete generators to activate a perk, but this perk can help turn the tide on a game that isn't going your way.

For each stack of Fire Up, you get an increase in the speed of picking up and putting down Survivors, breaking pallets and walls, vaulting through windows, and damaging generators. At tier one this perk gives you a 3% speed boost for each of those actions, up to a maximum of 15% with five stacks. Upgraded to tier three, this perk grants 4% boosts per stack, up to a considerable 20% potential increase.

In and of itself, Fire Up is not an amazing perk, but in conjunction with other perks that increase your action speed such as Brutal Strength or Bamboozle, Fire Up can turn you into a Killer that Survivors simply cannot escape.


Dead By Daylight Fire Up: How To Unlock

Dead by Daylight: the Killer's perspective of smashing a pallet
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Fire Up is not a universal perk, it cannot be acquired simply by levelling up your favourite Killer through the Bloodweb. This perk is specific to The Nightmare, better known as Freddy Krueger. This perk is available from the beginning if you play as Freddy, but it is useful on basically any Killer. As such, this perk is a good candidate for unlocking for all Killers.

To do this, you need to level up Freddy. As the game currently is, you must make progression through the Bloodweb. You will see the Fire Up perk appear in there around level 30, you need to upgrade it to tier three, then the Fire Up teachable perk will appear. Grab the teachable version of the perk in order to unlock the perk to appear in the Bloodwebs of other Killers.

However, according to the recent Dead by Daylight Developer Update, the system by which perks are unlocked is about to change. Soon, teachable perks will be removed. Instead, reaching level 50 and activating prestige on a character will unlock all of their unique perks, and they will begin appearing in the Bloodwebs of other characters. Further prestiges will cause the higher tiers of the perk to appear in the Bloodweb, but once another Killer unlocks the base perk, they can upgrade through the Bloodweb as normal.

That is everything you need to know about the Dead by Daylight Fire Up perk. For more on the game, check out our Dead by Daylight Malicious emblem guide.

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