Dead by Daylight codes to redeem for Bloodpoints, Charms & more (December 2023)

Dead by Daylight codes to redeem for Bloodpoints, Charms & more (December 2023)
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Dave McAdam & Jack Roberts

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29th Nov 2023 09:55

Dead by Daylight codes are a great way to keep yourself topped up on Bloodpoints, unique Charms, and even more rewards for you to parade around in the various Realms with.

In DbD, Bloodpoints are used to purchase upgrades for your characters through the Bloodweb, unlocking various new Perks for your Survivors and Killers and items for them to use in the game. So, to keep yourself stocked up, check out our guide to Dead by Daylight codes and how to redeem them this month.

Currently active Dead by Daylight codes

The following is a list of the currently available Dead by Daylight codes that have been checked in-game and are confirmed to be working - and as you can see, there's a large amount on offer to redeem.

Whether you want to express your Pride on your Survivors and hooks, or have enough Bloodpoints to level up your best Killers, there's more than enough on offer here to use:

Code Reward
ELGATO  50,000 Bloodpoints
GFUEL  50,000 Bloodpoints
ALIENWARE  50,000 Bloodpoints
STEELSERIES 50,000 Bloodpoints
THANKYOUFOR60M  1 Million Bloodpoints, 6,000 Iridescent Shards
FLAGL Lesbian Pride Flag Charm
MFLAG MLM Pride Flag Charm
KINDRD Glance of Pride Charm
FLAGT Trans Pride Flag Charm
FLAGP Pansexual Pride Flag Charm
ISFLAG Intersex Pride Flag Charm
AFLAGG Agender Pride Flag Charm
GFLAGF Gender-Fluid Pride Flag Charm
NBFLAG Nonbinary Pride Flag Charm
GFLAGQ Genderqueer Pride Flag Charm
AFLAGS Asexual Pride Flag Charm
FLAGB Bisexual Pride Flag Charm
PRIDE2022 Pride Charm
CAWCAW Feathers of Pride Charm
WARRIORPUPPERS Warrior Puppers Charm

Additionally, there are 400,000 Bloodpoints on offer for those with Prime Gaming until December 6, 2023. To claim them, simply head to the landing page. Next, make sure you're signed in and then click 'Get in-game content'. Once you've done that, you'll then get a code which can be entered in-game within the Store.

How to redeem codes in Dead by Daylight

The in-game store for Dead by Daylight, with an arrow in the top right corner indicating where to redeem codes
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Now that you've got all the codes you need for your Bloodpoints and Charms in Dead by Daylight, you're going to need to know how to redeem them. Fortunately, it's a pretty easy process:

  • Firstly, launch Dead by Daylight on your platform of choice
  • Head to the in-game store
  • Select Redeem Code in the top right of the screen
  • Enter your code and hit Redeem

That's everything you need to start redeeming codes in Dead by Daylight. With this list at your disposal, you'll be rolling in Bloodpoints and decorating your hooks with the best Charms in the game. You should also check out our Genshin Impact codes guide for even more freebies to redeem.

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