Battlefield 2042 Casper: Abilities, Loadout, And Tips

Battlefield 2042 Casper: Abilities, Loadout, And Tips
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16th Nov 2021 16:41

The Battlefield 2042 Casper specialist is one of three recon specialists, and is the perfect pick for lining up the battlefield with a nice sniper. The latest Battlefield enables players to take on a variety of playstyles, but it is perfectly for players that like to step back from the chaos. With abilities, loadout and some tips, here's everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042 Casper. 

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Battlefield 2042 Casper: Abilities

A soldier named Casper stands in a ghillie suit, with his abiltiies listed on his left.
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Battlefield 2042 Casper comes equipped with his own personal OV-P Recon Drone. This thing will allow you to scout ahead without putting yourself in danger. It can go for quite some distance and marks enemies for your team. However, that's not all. The drone also holds an EMP charge, which can fire at electronic equipment if it gets close enough.

Casper's perk is a movement sensor which will alert you to nearby threats with a pulsing red ring emanating from your compass on the lower half of the screen. 

Battlefield 2042 Casper: Loadout 

A Sniper loadout is shown with a SWS-10 laying on a crate.
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Battlefield 2042 Casper is made for long ranges, and as such, you'll want a decent sniper in your loadout. Despite being the first sniper rifle, the SWS-10 is a brilliant pick as an all-rounder, thanks to its better handling, faster rate of fire, and higher default mag size. Backing the SWS-10 up the M44 or MP28 are sure to stop nearby enemies in a hurry. 

To save you from getting sent back to the capture points or base, you'll want an Insertion Beacon to save your sniping spots, allowing you to spawn at your preferred position. Since you'll usually be on a thinner perch, the Incendiary Grenade would suit better to smaller ledges if you have an unwanted visitor. 

Battlefield 2042 Casper: Tips

A drone flies above a snowy landscape with small soldiers visible below.
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Despite Battlefield 2042 Casper traditionally being played as a sniper soldier, they can also be used pretty well as a mid-range marksman. Thanks to the drone, you can mark all of your enemies and then pick them off as you pop out of cover. And when your team is pinned down by a tank, ranger, or sentry gun, the EMP on your drone is a great way to take out the enemies defences. And don't be afraid to get your drone right in amidst the enemy. While yes, they can destroy it, the drone is rather inconspicuous and quite a difficult target to hit if you keep it moving. 

A motion sensor pulses indicating an enemy is nearby.
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Even though it is incredibly useful, the drone isn't the thing you should spend too much time fussing over when playing as Casper. Instead, the movement sensor is really what sets him apart. By finding nearly inaccessible sniping spots, like atop towers, it takes away the worry of enemies sneaking up on you. 

However, if you fancy ditching the whole long ranged thing,  then the movement sensor can also transform Casper into a great close-range specialist. Picking up a SMG and running around the tighter areas, will allow you to get a heads-up of nearby enemies. It isn't an exact science, but any advantage, no matter how small, is still a bonus.

That's everything you need to know about the Battlefield 2042 Casper specialist. If you want to see the full roster of Battlefield 2042 specialists, check out our guide. 


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