Battlefield 2042 Bloom: How To Manage Bullet Spread

Battlefield 2042 Bloom: How To Manage Bullet Spread
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22nd Nov 2021 16:26

Battlefield 2042 bloom has become a noticeable issue for many players jumping into DICE's latest shooter since its launch. Battlefield 2042 features some incredibly long-range shootouts, so introducing bloom can really make the handling and accuracy of weapons difficult to manage. If you are curious how to deal with Battlefield 2042 bloom, or discover what it even is, we've got the guide for you. 

Battlefield 2042 Bloom: What Is Bloom? 

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Battlefield 2042 bloom isn't necessarily a new thing in shooters, but it isn't incredibly common. Bloom is a randomised bullet spread system that essentially sends the occasional bullet wider than the aimed at location. This is a real thing that happens in guns as the bullets bounce and change direction due to the recoil of the weapon. You'll see this quite commonly on SMGs in video games, particularly when you aim at a wall to see the bullet holes. 

Battlefield 2042 Bloom: How It Is Causing Issues

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As mentioned, the size of battles are so large that something like the Battlefield 2042 bloom issue can seriously impact the performance of players. And unlike recoil, which is predictable and manageable, bloom is randomised, therefore it isn't something that can necessarily be controlled. What doesn't help is that Battlefield 2042 seems to have an especially exaggerated take on bloom, compared to the far tamer version which can be seen in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Earlier this week, Lead Game Designer at DICE, Florian Le Bihan stated on Twitter that a potential fix was being looked at.

Battlefield 2042 Bloom: How To Manage Bullet Spread

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Want to know how to manage bullet spread in Battlefield 2042? As inferred, Battlefield 2042 bloom isn't something that the players themselves can really combat, since bullet spread is randomised and therefore isn't a skill-based challenge. Instead, you can look to the different weapons to see which are affected more than others. At the time of writing the best Battlefield 2042 PP-29 loadouts are a great combat against bullet spread, and the PP-29 just happens to be one of the best guns in the game. However, if you haven't unlocked that gun yet the best Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 loadouts are a great runner up. However, if you'd rather not mess around with SMGs, the SVK marksman rifle and the PKP-BP LMG are also some great picks. If you need to get your rank up quickly, we've got some tips in our Battlefield 2042 max rank guide. 

Now you know everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042 bloom. Why not check out the full list of the best Battlefield 2042 weapons


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