Battlefield 2042 Campaign: Is there a single-player mode?

Battlefield 2042 Campaign: Is there a single-player mode?
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If you're feeling like you need a break from multiplayer, then you may be wondering if Battlefield 2042 has a campaign or a single-player mode. After all, the setting of this game lends itself perfectly to a more narrative-driven experience - one where you can really dive into the disaster that has taken hold of the planet.

Obviously, we know Battlefield 2042 has a multiplayer mode. This is the foundation on which the game is built. However, these games often have a single-player experience for players to enjoy too. In this guide, we will cover whether Battlefield 2042 has a single-player mode and much more.

Battlefield 2042 Campaign: Is there a single-player mode? 

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The biggest question on everybody's mind is: is there a Battlefield 2042 campaign? Sadly, 2042 has decided to omit a single-player experience in favour of an entirely online game. Instead, Battlefield 2042 is split into All-Out Warfare, Portal and Hazard Zone, which will have you playing with other online players. 

Battlefield 2042 Campaign: What's the story? 

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Counter to the fact that there is no Battlefield 2042 campaign, the game does actually have a story. While we won't experience it in a traditional campaign, Battlefield 2042 tells an ongoing narrative through its world and characters, similar to how Apex Legends does.

The base premise sees a world ravaged by extreme weather in the near future. As cities were destroyed by nature, the No-Pats were formed of those that had to flee their homes. Weather-controlling satellites were developed to subside the issues, but after The Blackout, an event which wiped out all forms of satellites, the world fell into disarray. Now the two remaining superpowers of Russia and The US fight for dominance.

It is a bit of a shame because the premise at play would have made one of the better Battlefield 2042 single-player campaigns. 

Battlefield 2042 Campaign: Characters

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In the next similarity to Apex Legends, the Battlefield 2042 campaign is told through characters, known here as Specialists. Specialists are uniquely skilled characters that are playable in game.

Each has their own backstory and playstyle, with specialists ranging from the returning fan-favourite, Irish, to the enemy-scanning Paik. There were ten specialists at launch, however, EA stated that it would introduce four additional specialists across its first year of content as part of its Year 1 Battle Pass. This didn't quite pan out as the game was a big failure for EA.

Now you know whether there will be a Battlefield 2042 campaign, why not jump into each of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists

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