Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Release Date, Trailer & More

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Release Date, Trailer & More
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17th Feb 2023 17:29

The Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour has finally been announced, and it promises to be a vital update that shakes up the core of the game. While it was not the most successful release in the franchise, Battlefield 2042 still has the space to turn it around and morph into a great game. The next season could be vital to this progression, so check out below for all of the details surrounding Battlefield 2042 Season 4.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Release Date

Battlefield 2042 Leaked Release Date
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The official Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour release date has been confirmed as February 28, giving you not long to wait now until all the new content drops.

Additionally, DICE has confirmed that a Season 5 will be coming for Battlefield 2042, committing further life into a game that many had written off on release, which should hopefully signal that it is in good health.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 New Content

What To Expect in Battlefield 2042 Season 4
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The key highlights of the new Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour are an entirely brand new map, new Specialist, new weapons and vehicles, and a fresh Battle Pass to grind away at.

The new Battlefield 2042 map in Season 4 Eleventh Hour is called Flashpoint, and it brings players to the rocky landscapes of South Africa. This particular map emphasises close-quarters combat, with a plethora of interior spaces and even an underground tunnel which will bring back fond memories for any Battlefield series veteran.

Furthermore, the new Specialist being added to the game is Camila "Blasco", who is part of the new but returning Recon class. She has an X6-Infiltration Device that prevents lock-ons from any hostile devices, creates dead zones in enemy spotting devices, and reveals enemy technology for you to take out.

There is also going to be a new selection of weapons to take into the field, so check out below for a full list along with their type:

  • Super 500 (Shotgun Sidearm)
  • RM68 (Assault Rifle)
  • AC9 (SMG)
  • RPT-31 (LMG)
  • SPH Explosive Launcher

These should all hopefully bring with them new ways to play and take down your foes, with particular interest being in the Super 500, RM68, and the SPH - who doesn't love a launcher after all?

The new vehicle being added to the game is the CAV-Brawler, and it is packed with exciting features such as active threat detection and even a defense system that vomits grenades around the vehicle.

Finally, perhaps the biggest change arriving with Battlefield 2042 Season 4 is the revamped class system. Gone are the separated Specialists and say hello to the new but old class system that many fans have wanted back in the game.

All of the game's existing Specialists will be reallocated into the four classic classes, which should hopefully make the whole gameplay experience far more fluid and simple in the best possible way.

Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Eleventh Hour Trailer

As expected, the release of a new Battlefield season means the release of a new trailer. In typical fashion it gives you an exciting glimpse of everything that is arriving, showing off the game's potential for highly cinematic and engaging scenarios.

So, that's all we currently know about the upcoming Battlefield 2042 Season 4 release, going over the potential start date and what new content to expect in the update. Find out how to level up fast in Battlefield 2042 with our guide here if you want to quickly climb the ranks.

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