Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Abilities, Loadout, And Tips

Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Abilities, Loadout, And Tips
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15th Nov 2021 12:56

The Battlefield 2042 Sundance specialist is undoubtedly one of the most fun specialists to play in the entire game. As one of ten specialists at launch in Battlefield 2042, Sundance is greatly suited for traversing each of the seven enormous maps. To make sure you are getting the most out of them, here is our guide to Battlefield 2042 Sundance, including abilities, the best loadout, and some tips. 

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Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Abilities

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Battlefield 2042 Sundance has been widely covered in the 2042 marketing for their wingsuit. The CW-2A Wingsuit replaces the Parafoil parachute, allowing players to traverse large distances in a short amount of time. While Sundance can take damage when landing, hitting the round at the right angle can allow you to get up close and personal and firing within seconds. 

Secondly, Battlefield 2042 Sundance comes with a Grenade Belt. This belt allows you to swap out your grenade for different functions, including Scatter. Anti-Armour, and EMP Field. Anti-Armour in particular can be really effective, as it can lock onto an enemy vehicle, making it a viable option against helicopters and jets. 

Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Loadout

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Battlefield 2042 Sundance is an Assault specialist, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to play them with your typical assault weapons. For those that like to use the wingsuit to get the flank on enemies, a sub-machine gun like the PP-29 can be incredibly useful, especially considering it has the best range out of all SMGs. However, an assault weapon such as the AC-42 or M5A3, means you will be more capable at those longer ranges, as well as at mid-to-close-range. 

For your gadget, it really is down to personal preference. The wingsuit can be a great way to get near a tank or assault vehicle while avoiding their fire, so you can then destroy them with a C5 Explosive. However, you'll likely be using the wingsuit to flank enemies more often, so applying the IBA Armour Plate, will give you protection when you are dropping among multiple targets. 

Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Tips

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Battlefield 2042 Sundance is one of the most versatile specialists in the game, and as such is quite a popular pick. To get the most out of them, you want to be using that wingsuit as much as you can. Traversing the open plains of Battlefield 2042's maps can often be a death sentence thanks to snipers and incredibly skilled helicopter pilots. 

A lot of the maps place points of interest in buildings or structures that can be jumped from. As either attacking or defending, Sundance can easily allow you to jump from one point of interest to the other in a matter of seconds. If there is a large distance to cover, be sure to gain momentum by entering a dive. Pulling up can gain some serious height, but without momentum you'll just float to the ground. It doesn't take much of a dive to build up momentum either, as you'd be surprised how close to the ground you can get. Remember that it doesn't necessarily need to be a high up structure to use the wingsuit, as the right hills can also allow you to jump into a wingsuit dive. 

Aside from the wingsuit on Battlefield 2042 Sundance, the Grenade Belt is an easily forgotten but excellent tool to use. As mentioned, helicopters and jets can be an utter nuisance for players trying to hold a zone, and without lock-on rockets, it can seem impossible to take them out. The Anti-Armour grenade means that even someone on the ground can do some serious damage. However, while this is the standout, Scatter is great for crowd control and EMP Field can take out those annoying sentry turrets or deadly Rangers. 

That's everything you need to know about the Battlefield 2042 Sundance specialists. Want to know all of the specialists the game has to offer? Check out our Battlefield 2042 Specialists guide. 


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