Apex Legends Legacy Ranked - Maps, Arenas, And More

Apex Legends Legacy Ranked - Maps, Arenas, And More

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29th Apr 2021 12:30

Ready to get sweaty? Apex Legends Legacy is bringing back the competitive Ranked mode with a vengeance. Season 9 drops on May 4, and will introduce us to the new Legend Valkyrie, as well as a newly "infested" Olympus map, and Marksman weapon in the form of the Bocek Bow.

For those Apex players who like to play for points and prove their worth on the battlefield, Ranked mode is the place to be. Rank all the way up through tiers starting at Bronze, all the way to Apex Predator, and Season 9 will be no different. 

Ranked Mode has been a staple in Apex Legends for some time now, and always delivers new and interesting features to keep the Legends fighting happily, and as Respawn themselves say, they are "committed to making Ranked a place for anyone who wants to take the game seriously across all skill levels."

Apex Legends Legacy Ranked Maps

Season 8's latest Ranked Maps offering was Olympus, but when Legacy arrives the first split will take us to World's Edge, with the second transporting us back to Olympus.

Check out the Ranked split dates and maps below.

World's Edge - May 4 - June 15

Olympus - June 16 - End of Season

While King's Canyon is gone, it is never forgotten and will be available to play in other modes, including Arenas

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas

Leakers have mentioned that Apex Legends Arenas will have a Ranked feature at some point, but Respawn have confirmed that isn't happening anytime soon. The official word from the developers is: "we’ll continue to add more features like Ranked in future updates."

Getting used to Arenas is the name of the game, and Ranked will arrive when Respawn are satisfied that the majority of players understand it, and have had some fun, before the competition truly begins.


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