Twitch Streamer Assaulted In Amsterdam While Live On Stream

Twitch Streamer Assaulted In Amsterdam While Live On Stream
Image Credit: Reydempto | Twitch

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Emma Hill


14th Feb 2022 17:30

Twitch streamer "Reydempto", also known as Outdoor IRL guy was walking through the streets of Amsterdam when he was assaulted by an unknown man live in on camera. 

While the majority of the time streamers choose to film from their home, a good number of them decide to take their viewers on their travels with them. The majority of the time this goes off without a hitch, however, there have been a number of occasions in which streamers have been approached and even attacked by passers-by. 

Now, American streamer Reydempto has shared a horrific experience, in which he was seemingly approached and subsequently choked by a stranger while livestreaming, much to the distress of his horrified viewers. 

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What Happened To Reydempto?

On February 12, Reydempto was taking his viewers on a tour through Amsterdam where he lives. After stating that he felt "totally safe" due to being very close to a police station, an unknown man then appeared on camera and put his arm around Reydempto as he was speaking to the camera.

After initially appearing friendly the man turned aggressive saying, "I'm live on Twitch, and I'm gonna kill this motherfuc*er if he's gonna do it." The stranger then proceeded to grab Reydempto by the neck seemingly with force. As Reydempto grimaced in pain, he said: "Oh god, let go of me man." As the stranger continued to wrestle with him, Reydempto responded: "No seriously, let the f*ck go of me." It was here when the screen went black, as Reydempto disappeared from the camera with the man's hands still around his neck. 

Sadly, this isn't the first time a streamer has been attacked by a stranger on the streets while streaming. For example, in January 2022 "quiteLola" was left physically shaken after a stranger on the street kissed her without consent while she was livestreaming.  

Did Reydempto Report The Man To Police?

Reydempto later gave his followers an update about his condition after the scary encounter in his subsequent stream in which he didn't appear to show any signs of significant physical harm. According to Dexerto, the streamer was actually choked "unconscious", but he eventually made it home safe.

He explained: "Going to go straight to the police station tomorrow morning. I'm 100% certain this is not going to go anywhere, but I'm going to file a report anyway."

Then, on February 14, Amsterdam police took to Twitter and apparently announced that it had identified the suspect, but didn't share a name. 

Sadly, there have been a number of occasions when streamers have been viciously attacked by a stranger and even sometimes in their own home.

For example, there have been a number of times when a content creator has been 'swatted' by a troll, or even been targeted by a stalker. However, in Reydempto's case, the suspect's face has been posted all over the internet, so it hopefully won't be long until the police catch up with him.

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