Skyrim Anniversary Switch Edition Is Slammed By Fans

Skyrim Anniversary Switch Edition Is Slammed By Fans
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3rd Oct 2022 12:11

Oh we do like a good moan, don't we? To be fair though, when it comes to Bethesda milking its cash cow that is Skyrim until its teats are raw, we can see where disgruntled gamers are coming from. It's another year, another Skyrim port - sigh.

In the 11 (yes, count them) years since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released, it's developed quite the legacy. As well as being dubbed one of the greatest games of all time, its influence has been felt in the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We know The Elder Scrolls 6 is out there in the aether, but in the meantime, Bethesda seems content churning out Skyrim ports by the dozen.

Why Do Switch Fans Hate The Skyrim Anniversary Edition?

It's true that the release of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition on the Nintendo Switch is something of a big deal. Since its original release, it's found a home on everything from the Xbox 360 to PlayStation 5, with the base version also arriving on Switch in 2017.

With dollar signs ringing in the eyes of Bethesda bosses, it was only a matter of time until the Anniversary Edition arrived on Switch, but with this new-gen release comes a new-gen price tag. The dawn of the $70 video game is well and truly here, and helping pioneer the trend is the Switch release of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. As you can imagine, this hasn't gone down well with penny-pinching players.

If Skyrim were a brand-new game instead of something that adds performance improvements and "fishing," then it would be easier to get on Bethesda's side. However, with over a decade of releases and re-releases, we find ourselves asking why anyone on Switch would be willing to stump up the money for the Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Switch. In 2021, the Anniversary Edition cost "just" $50, but if you want it on Switch, there will be a $20 jump.


The Skyrim Anniversary Edition Keeps Getting Worse?

If you really want to play Skyrim you might as well head over to Steam, where you can get every Elder Scrolls game for that price. Better yet, the modding community has had 11 years to perfect Skyrim, meaning the PC port can be tweaked to be even better than the Anniversary Edition. However, empty wallets aren't the only problem with the Anniversary Edition on Switch. It's no secret that the Switch lacks the grunt of the PS5 and Xbox Series, meaning Skyrim is struggling right now. 

One grumpy gamer stated, "Well f**k. I downloaded the new Anniversary update for Skyrim on Switch and its completely ruined the game. Way too laggy and crashes constantly, it's unplayable." A quick look on Twitter and Reddit proves that there are complaints across the board. We don't really understand who Bethesda and Nintendo were marketing this latest release at, but if you want a buggy mess for a high price, go ahead and buy the Skyrim Anniversary Edition

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