Skyrim Player Finds The Best Use Of A Ralof Cutout

Skyrim Player Finds The Best Use Of A Ralof Cutout

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Mel Ramsay


29th Aug 2022 10:48

A Reddit user has turned a meme into real-life after buying a Ralof cutout online. The user, called MeanForce1, uploaded an image to r/Skyrim that shows him sitting beside their bed to greet them every morning. 

Why Has The Ralof Cutout Gone Viral?

Some may say this is creepy, but for those who have been on the Internet long enough, they'll know that this is a meme worth being creeped out for. 

In the post, they write: "I created a ralof cutout by my bed so he can tell me 'hey you're finally awake'." Fans of the game have taken to the post in their droves to compliment the idea, and at the time of writing they have almost 12,000 upvotes. 

One person commented: "You need a speaker & a motion detector installed on that asap", with another adding: "No need for a complicated set up, just play the skyrim intro sequence audio up until “you’re finally awake” as your alarm". 

Someone else clearly saw the creepy side of things, saying: "So when you roll over in the middle of the night you get scared sh*tless."


Why Is The Ralof Meme So Iconic?

For those who haven't played Skyrim, the opening scene of the game shows you waking up in a cart heading to Helgen, with Ralof uttering the words: "Hey, you're finally awake". Due to the game's popularity, this meme shifted into something called 'Toddroll', or 'Skyrimroll', with the intention being similar to that of a Rickroll. The idea being that the person posting will be telling a story, and it will fade to black, with the opening cutscene of Skyrim then playing. According to Knowyourmeme, the earliest use of this particular roll was back in June 2018. 

In this post, there's a screenshot of a story about the poster buying Fallout 76 only to have the game reveal itself to be another rerelease of Skyrim.

Regardless, the meme itself has become so huge it was only a matter of time before it seeped into real-life. 

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