Skyrim Player Fills Basement With An Army Of Buckets

Skyrim Player Fills Basement With An Army Of Buckets
Bethesda | Reddit - SuspiciousPop1066

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Joseph Kime


18th Jul 2022 13:16

There's a lot to be done in Skyrim. Start a family and build a homestead. Become the chosen one and take down fearsome dragons. Heal the rifts in Skyrim that were caused by its rampant civil war. Or, you can just mess about. And that option sounds more fun, right?

As well as being a remarkable stamp in the history of the fantasy genre, Skyrim is a pretty great sandbox to do whatever you like whether it be stealing chickens and shouting companions from the top of High Hrothgar.

And one Reddit user's girlfriend has found the best thing to do in Skyrim bar none. Build an army of buckets.

Reddit User Fills Skyrim Basement With Buckets, For Some Reason

According to a new post in the Skyrim subreddit, one player has become completely unhinged and begun to form an army of buckets for themselves, just in case there's a full bucket uprising in the world of Skyrim, and she needs a bucket military deployment of her own.

User SuspiciousPop1066 shared to the subreddit a video panning the basement of their girlfriend's basement, flooded with buckets, stacked on top of each other in a chaotic manner, with some even jumping around and clipping in contact with so many other buckets.

"So gave my GF my copy of Skyrim and about a month later I look at her progress to find this in her basement…" reads the caption. Well, at least they'll be handy if there's a leak.

Commenters React To The Skyrim Bucket Basement

Comments have flooded in to commend the OP's girlfriend, offering her great respect, if with a little bit of confusion, too.

"Your GF is the only person playing Skyrim correctly," says one user. Plus, for some reason, players have taken to the comment section not to comment on how bizarre it is to have a whole host of buckets, acquired both legitimately and by illegal means, but to argue about where exactly the basement is located. Some users say Riften, others say Solitude - yet they seem to have missed the hundreds of buckets peppered around the place.


It's the best way to experience Skyrim to be fair - carrying out meaningless challenges just for the sake of it. We don't envy them when it comes to clean-up, though.

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