New Skyrim DLC Possibly Teased By Bethesda

New Skyrim DLC Possibly Teased By Bethesda
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Joseph Kime


4th Jan 2023 11:23

Even with The Elder Scrolls 6 on the way, Bethesda isn't ready to give Skyrim a rest just yet. It would be silly to because the fantasy titan has been regarded as one of the genre's very best titles since its launch a decade ago.

Some 20,000 ports later, it remains one of the strongest and most timeless of Bethesda's works. Now, it looks like Bethesda could be about to take its consistent Skyrim support to another level. Could we be getting a brand-new Skyrim DLC?

Skyrim Might Be Getting A New Content Update

New evidence buried in the code of the Skyrim Steam page has suggested that there could yet be some new content to come to the game.

YouTuber JuiceHead has summarised the findings, where it looks like new "branches" have been added to the code of the game.

It implies a new kind of marketplace will come to the title. What this means is still up in the air, but many are theorising that this could mean that paid mods are on the way.

This is an interesting implication, especially as the game's more recent versions feature the Creation Club by default - but it's certainly something.

Will Fans React To Paid Mods In Skyrim?

Paid mods when they're free elsewhere has worked for games in the past, with Minecraft for consoles engaging with Jurassic World and Batman. These have added new paid content to the game when very similar mods are available for free online for PC players.

Then again, Skyrim is a different story. As Skyrim is now a decade old and doesn't offer the same creativity as Minecraft, it'll be curious to see how players engage with paid mods when there are so many others available at no extra cost.

The last "proper" DLC was Dragonborn's release all the way back in 2012. Being the first new content for the game in years, it's possible that Bethesda could see some serious backlash for having the gall to try to cash in.

If this assumption is accurate remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure - Skyrim's tenure as the king of fantasy RPGs on console isn't over yet.

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