Skyrim player tries to eat every ingredient - things go horribly wrong

Skyrim player tries to eat every ingredient - things go horribly wrong
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Joseph Kime


19th Oct 2023 17:05

Though Skyrim offers you enough clans to swear your allegiance to, dragons to kill, and words of power to learn, any player will tell you that the most fun you can have is in the goofy little challenges you give yourself.

A decade after Bethesda's fantasy epic game out swinging its sword, one user has proved there's still plenty to discover. We've covered how garlic bread is a supposed miracle food in Skyrim, but now, one intrepid Dragonborn has scranned everything in the game and paid the price.

Skyrim player eats everything, dies instantly

To be fair, nobody's got the stomach for all of that. Over on the Skyrim Reddit, u/amelix34, has revealed what happens if you travel to each major city in Skyrim, buy all of their ingredients, and eat all of them in one sitting. The answer is a rapturous death that turns the player into a twitching and bloodied pulp.

We're really not sure that this is an accurate representation of having a little snack, but the video shows that eating everything in the player's inventory leads to a shocking blast of white light, before the player falls to the floor. It's a painful one as they writhe in agony and blood squirts from their chest.

If you ask us, it's a bit much, but it gives Skyrim yet another imaginative death to add to the book. We wouldn't know what actually pushed the player over the edge into the abyss - but one commenter reckons that they know why this happened.

One commenter knows why scranning everything makes you die

A platter of food in Skyrim.
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One user in the comments has arrived to shed some light on the incredibly bright death, claiming that the collapse was likely due to a single ingredient.

"Fun fact: What killed you was almost certainly the Jarrin Root and most likely not anything else," says a comment from LFNews. "Consuming it deals 1000 points of damage." Another fan joked, "It'll go straight to your thighs.. and then you'll blow up," while a third joked, "Constipation active effect."

Well, that's that settled - don't eat Jarrin Root. But then again, it's kinda hard to recommend eating as much as the player in the original video did. Think of the tummyache.

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