First Elder Scrolls 6 Leaks Reveal A Familiar Setting

First Elder Scrolls 6 Leaks Reveal A Familiar Setting

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Tom Chapman


27th Apr 2022 09:09

By the time The Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, we'll probably be spending our hard-earned money on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Platinum Jubilee Collection. While we know Bethesda's sixth main entry is out there somewhere, we've already been warned it's a long way off. However, have we got our first deluge of leaks?

Back in 2011, Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which has since gone on to become one of the best-selling video games of all time. Much like what Rockstar does with Grand Theft Auto V, the developer is keen to keep milking the cash cow a little longer. Still, we know the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls is coming... eventually.

What Is The Elder Scrolls 6 Leak?


Posting on witter, SkullziTV gave a massive dump of The Elder Scrolls 6 information but cited anonymous sources. The big takeaway from this is that we could be heading back to Hammerfell. One of the many questions hanging over The Elder Scrolls 6 is where in Tamriel it will be set.

Despite plenty of mentions of Hammerfell, we're yet to fully explore the fantasy realm in a mainline game. Namely, Hammerfell makes a lot of sense considering it borders Skyrim to the West and the fact its arid deserts would be a stark contrast to Skyrim's snowy climes. Sadly, it's claimed there will be no dragons in TES6 - sob. Remembering Alduin was the big bad of Skyrim, players will likely be divided if dragons aren't flapping their wings in the next entry.

Elsewhere, there's a mention of "political systems" that will involve factions and marriages. Given that this has been commonplace in Skyrim, it's not exactly a stretch to reveal these kinds of themes. Then again, there might be more of an emphasis on them in The Elder Scrolls 6. Finally, there's a possible release date of Bethesda targeting 2025 or 2026. That means we're still a way out from The Elder Scrolls 6, which again fits with what we've heard before.


Should We Believe The Elder Scrolls 6 Leak?

Forget a pinch of salt, we need a whole mine of it for this one. Much like the now-infamous Project Americas leak from Grand Theft Auto 6 (which still remains unproven), we'd tread cautiously with all of the above. Let's also remember that Hammerfell has been a widely theorised location, with Bethesda even teasing it at the start of the year.

Knowing how easy it is to make up leaks for the clout - and seeing that someone recently did the same with Bethesda's Starfield - we wouldn't be surprised if this is exposed as an elaborate fake. Don't expect to know anything official about The Elder Scrolls 6 until well after Starfield releases. As for Fallout 5, we wouldn't hold our breath if we were you. 


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