Skyrim mod adds gross Red Dead Redemption 2 mechanic

Skyrim mod adds gross Red Dead Redemption 2 mechanic
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Joseph Kime


4th Aug 2023 17:05

Without a doubt, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's modding community is one of the best parts of the forward motion of the title. Skyrim has largely been left behind by Bethesda (unless you're considering the wealth of ports it has accrued over the years).

The fantasy epic has been left in the loving hands of lone developers creating wealths of great content, both canon-friendly narrative masterworks, and the simple joys of turning dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage. Now, an unexpected collab has come courtesy of modders.

Skyrim modders add Immersive Death Cycle

Two examples of Skyrim creatures in three different stages of decay.
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NexusMods - JaySerpa & Naxmaardur

Inadvertently adding a feature that has helped to make Red Dead Redemption 2 feel so alive, one modder has introduced the incredible Immersive Death Cycle to Skyrim.

The mod adds the decay system to corpses that have been left behind by your killing sprees, leaving them in place rather than letting them despawn. The model will then cycle through various decaying models as time goes on, before hour 12 bringing their reduction to bones.

Plus, once animals are in that state, you can then loot the bones for bonus alchemy ingredients. It's a massively immersive addition to the game that we can only hope will make it into the next Elder Scrolls title as an official title.

How can I get the Immersive Death Cycle in Skyrim?

A player inspecting bones in Skyrim's Immersive Death Cycle mod.
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NexusMods - JaySerpa & Naxmaardur

If you want to take a more realistic look at the corpses you've mowed down in Skyrim, all you need to do is head to the NexusMods page of the mod itself and follow its instructions there.

There are over 60 decaying animal animations to find, so get the mod installed and see if you can collect them all, like a weird natural mortician. We know hardly anything about The Elder Scrolls 6, other than it's years away, but realistic decaying is definitely something we can see.

As for modding Skyrim in the meantime, there are no 'bones' about it that the Immersive Death Cycle makes Tamriel a little more realistic. It's bizarre as hell, but if it gets you closer to immersion, then so be it.

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