12 years on, Skyrim’s creepiest secret has been found

12 years on, Skyrim’s creepiest secret has been found
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13th Nov 2023 11:30

Even all these years later, there's plenty of eeriness to find in Skyrim. Bethesda's fantasy game might enjoy putting its players in the hefty boots of the world's greatest hero, the Dragonborn, but the RPG gives you the chance to be a real POS if that's what you come to RPG games for.

Kids performing the black sacrament, joining the Dark Brotherhood, and (of course) the infamous With Friends Like These quest. There's plenty to keep you occupied if you're well into Type O Negative and don't leave the house. A new detail has been discovered that's a little spooky - but also pretty cool.

Skyrim player finds a room full of dead NPCs

One player has taken to the Skyrim subreddit to reveal a bizarre room that they've found, designed to be hidden from players. The chill factor is raised by the fact it's filled with NPCs that have died one way or another through their gameplay.

Announcing in the subreddit that they went looking for an NPC and couldn't find them, the OP used console commands to teleport to them. This dropped them into an eerie liminal space drenched in neon light. It features one NPC standing far from the player in their underwear.

As the player pans down, the video reveals a stack of naked, dead, characters. What is this bizarre shrine to the dead NPCs we met during our time in Tamriel?  It's an incredibly strange discovery, and even more bizarre that we haven't seen this before. One player has explained whatever this backrooms-esque space actually is.

The Skyrim Backrooms are for essential NPCs

The room of corpses in Skyrim.
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Bethesda | FANDOM

The strange space, which is referred to as the Dead Body Cleanup Cell by FANDOM, has been identified by a commenter, who reckons it exists to keep players from accidentally eradicating NPC characters who are ultimately important to the forward motion of the Skyrim story.

User u/get-tps explained that this is some limbo that dead NPCs return to so that entire quest lines aren't locked out by a player going on a harmless little killing spree. It makes perfect sense, but it doesn’t make the room itself any less eerie. We'll be keeping out.

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