Skyrim: Extended Cut Is Like Playing A Whole New Game

Skyrim: Extended Cut Is Like Playing A Whole New Game
Images: NexusMods - Skyrim Extended Cut

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Joseph Kime


14th Nov 2022 13:11

Modding is a huge part of keeping video games alive with a bustling community, with a wealth of games being kept on active life support by the additions of fans with their visions for what could make sense in a game's world. The likes of Hollow Knight, The Binding of Isaac, and even the giant that is GTA V reap the benefits of players taking matters into their own hands.

Bethesda seems to welcome such modding, with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises adopting systems that allow players to plug their mods and additions into console versions too, and expand the games' lives, respectively. Skyrim modders are particularly dedicated - and one new mod proves it, as it has practically created a full DLC for the game.

What Is The Skyrim: Extended Cut?

A brand-new mod for Skyrim proves that the game hasn't finished after the credits have rolled, as a mod from the Skyrim: Extended Cut team has proved that there's much more to see and do in Tamriel.

The Saints and Seducers update for Skyrim: Extended Edition has been released, with plenty of new sights to see, baddies to crush, and friends to meet. The official trailer for the mod is out now and has offered a peek at some of the new weapons that players can bag on their way through.

It's part of the overhaul of the Creation Club add-on that was bundled in with the game's Anniversary Edition, Saints & Seducers. It's an impressive addition to the mythos of The Elder Scrolls, and one that's pretty easy to add to your game if it tickles your fancy.

How Can I Get Skyrim: Extended Cut - Saints And Seducers?

All you have to do to bag the new version of Saints & Seducers is download it from the NexusMods website - but there's something worth noting before you get it installed. For the mod to work, it has to be added to a new save - and the player in the save has to be at least level 20, with the vanilla quest The Mind of Madness completed.

Once these parameters are met, you've slept for six in-game hours, and reenter Solitude, the quests for the pack will begin. The mod is a compelling case for Skyrim having perhaps the biggest and most expansive modding community in the gaming world overall - not to mention damn good fun to play. God bless you and all you do for us, modders.

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