Skyrim players push back against Bethesda’s paid mods

Skyrim players push back against Bethesda’s paid mods
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Joseph Kime


6th Dec 2023 11:20

The ongoing success of Bethesda's Skyrim has been thanks to one thing, and one thing only - its incredible community. The game itself is a stamp on history, serving as one of the best fantasy games ever made, but it's thanks to modders, explorers, and vocal fans that Bethesda has had the confidence to re-release and re-release.

We're always happy to for Bethesda to welcome us back to Tamriel seemingly at every opportunity, but now, it looks like the studio is trying to capitalise on the game's modding community. Funnily enough, fans aren't having it.

Skyrim is trying to make paid mods happen again

A new feature is coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and players aren't willing to hear Bethesda out on it for one very good reason - it's an attempt from the company to make money from mods.

The team has revealed Creations on Twitter, a new platform designed to help fans to "discover, download and play community-made content."

Bethesda can call it whatever it wants, because fans know just what this is. This is effectively a new storefront, trying to turn mods that already exist into a means of making more revenue off of the communities that still circle Skyrim. Now, the community is standing up. 

Fans are kicking back against Skyrim Creations

Skyrim horse and Alduin
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Taking to the replies of the announcement tweet, fans are giving Bethesda a true piece of their mind. One angry gamer raged, "I don't care who Todd [Howard] sends. I'm not paying for mods." Someone else added, "3rd try and making paid mods a thing eh? See how this one goes."

Another grumbled, "Translation: We found a new way to make money from our players, why would we actually update the game and fix some of the few thousand bugs and implement the unofficial patch when we can add some fan made house and get % from this?"


There's truly no surprise that fans aren't biting on this new feature from the Skyrim team - after all, they made the experiences. They'll be damned if the community they had built is turned into a storefront for a company that had no hand in the content's appearance. All power to the modders.

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