Skyrim Just Added Doctor Who’s Most Terrifying Enemies

Skyrim Just Added Doctor Who’s Most Terrifying Enemies
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Jack Marsh


20th Feb 2023 13:02

The realm of Tamriel is filled with disturbing, creepy, and down-right monstrous creatures that appear in Skyrim to hunt you down and kill the Dragonborn. 

From the second that "you're awake," beasts rain fire, magic, and poison at your character to deter them from their legacy to wield the Thu'um and save the world.

But one demon that the Dragonborn daren't wake up has just landed in a mod, shaming the Falmer, Dwarven Guardians, and even that clown Cicero on how deadly they can be.

Dr Who's Weeping Angels Added To Skyrim

"Did you see them? The Angels? Keep your eyes open, and don't ever look away from them." This is what's in store in one of Skyrim's most recent mods, which has brought forward Doctor Who's Weeping Angels to haunt your gameplay.

The Weeping Angels are one of the most terrifying enemies from the BBC's Doctor Who series, where they appear to be as still as a statue - even taking the form of a stone figure. They inch closer in a sort of Squid-Game manner, replication Red-Light-Green-Light to reveal their demonic faces.

The fan-made "Baba Yaga and the Labyrinth" quest on Nexus Mods brings together the 11-year-old RPG and the British sci-fi sensation, including the horrifying angels of death and a dialogue-filled Witch named Hagnes.

Weeping Angels Skyrim Mod Is Hauntingly Brilliant

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Riften is widely known for its river rats and secrets beneath the sewers, so it's no surprise that this quest starts in the Bee and Barb, the town's drinking hole. Here, you can begin the modded quest, which involves visiting a walking house like something out of Elden Ring and undergoing a maze where the Weeping Angels will close in on your every movement.

Despite Doctor Who and Skyrim both not being known for horror, any person who has ever laid eyes on the Weeping Angels in either of the franchises will know their horror, giving this quest quite a scary twist to a usually solemn-yet-gory game.

The Weeping Angels mod is one of the thousands added to Skyrim over the years, but if you fancy yourself as something of a legendary monster hunter in Tamriel, you might want to add this to the top of your mod list.

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