Skyrim goes full Diablo with massive loot overhaul

Skyrim goes full Diablo with massive loot overhaul
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Joseph Kime


8th Jan 2024 12:30

You probably don't need to be told, but damn, the Skyrim modding scene is a dense one. These powers are so unmatched that even Bethesda recognised that its game isn't the same without modding support, leading to their addition on console versions.

Even though Skyrim modding is still the most extensive on PC, it impresses across the board. Many feel that it's the modders who keep the game going through its constant reissues, and it's easy to see why - especially when they turn the entire game on its head time after time.

Now, a new mod practically transforms it into a different game with some simple changes - giving Skyrim the spirit of Diablo, some 13 years after the fantasy epic first released.

Skyrim modder introduces Diablo looting system

Loot spilled across the floor in the Loot Spillage NG mod.
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Image via NexusMods | Monitor144hz

One particularly clever modder has been able to revamp the entire Skyrim experience by introducing a simple feature - it comes packed with Diablo's looting system.

When playing through Skyrim, you'll typically get relatively simple loot that makes sense to the character you've just wiped the floor with. Wolves drop pelts, archer Draugr drop bows and arrows, bosses drop a special mask, and you have to enter a menu to claim the goodies.

After multiple playthroughs, this gets a bit dull, but Loot Spillage NG has overturned how the loot itself is presented, pouring onto the floor upon a kill. The loot glows red if it's a weapon, purple if it's armour, green if it's a consumable, yellow if it's a key or valuable, and teal for anything else.

This relatively simple change makes the act of looting a corpse all the more exciting. It's also far more satisfying to look down a corridor of Draugr you've slaughtered to see the ground glowing with all of the loot you've rightfully earned.

How can I access the Diablo loot mod in Skyrim?

A collection of loot featuring keys, coins, wine and tomatoes in Loot Spillage NG.
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Image via NexusMods | Monitor144hz

If you want to upgrade to this looting system in a flash, all you need to do is head to the NexusMods page developed by mod creator Monitor144hz, and make sure you already have the SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) installed. You can simply download it and install it. Easy.

It's great that modders are still thinking outside of the box to make Skyrim thrilling day by day. Few games have a community like this, and it's a testament to the endlessness of excitement that fans have for it - even if some of them would simply rather be playing Diablo.

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