Scarlet And Violet Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon, Cyclizar

Scarlet And Violet Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon, Cyclizar
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Tom Chapman


22nd Aug 2022 09:07

While Game Freak had already shown off a handful of its new Pokemon from Gen IX, there's an emerging trend here where Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seem to be obsessed with vehicular 'Mon. The latest addition is no different, as the newly announced Cyclizar lives up to its namesake.

The next Pokemon game is "racing" into our lives later this year, and while there are critiques we've moved on too quickly from 2019's Sword and Shield (whatever happened to Arceus?), there's still all the usual hype surrounding which new Pocket Monsters will be making their mark on the franchise. Now, Cyclizar is revving its engine.

What Is Cyclizar?

In the latest Scarlet and Violet trailer, we get to see Cyclizar in action as a Dragon-Normal hybrid. We've already got Drampa as a secondary Dragon-type with Normal as the dominant, but with Cyclizar being Dragon first, it's a unique addition to the generations of Pokemon.

Apparently, Cyclizar has "lived in many households in the Paldea region since ancient times" and is a popular mode of transport as residents race off on them like motorbikes. Apparently, Cyclizar doesn't mind being ridden because the warmth of riders keeps the cold-blooded Pokemon warm. Interestingly, Cyclizar joins Skiddo and Gogoat as Mount Pokemon.

Cyclizar isn't just good for motoring around Paldea though, and in the trailer, we see it in battle. Using the attack known as Shed Tail. Apparently, it "creates a substitute for [Cyclizar] using its own HP before switching places with a party Pokémon in waiting." The trailer then shows off more of the divisive Terastallizing feature that effectively turns your monsters into marketable Swarovski figures.


Is Cyclizar Related To Koraidon and Miraidon?

Although the box art gave them away, Scarlet and Violet is already putting a lot of emphasis on Koraidon and Miraidon as the two big legendaries. We guess there will be a few more Legendary Pokemon out there, but is Cyclizar one of them? Given that you get to ride Cyclizar around in a similar fashion, it's definitely possible. Then again, you think the devs would've made a bigger deal if it was a Legendary.

Posting on Twitter, @AquaPani noticed that Cyclizar is right in the middle of the spectrum between Koraidon and Miraidon. Still, you'd think Cyclizar would have "don" on the end of its name if it was related. Despite there being no official word on a possible family connection, we'll keep an eye on this one. With Cyclizar ready to burn rubber in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we're ready to welcome it to the ever-expanding franchise. Sorry though, it's no Lechonk really, is it? 

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