Ranked Pokemon Battles Have Officially Arrived In Scarlet And Violet

Ranked Pokemon Battles Have Officially Arrived In Scarlet And Violet
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Joseph Kime


1st Dec 2022 16:07

Even in spite of the many issues that have already held Pokemon Scarlet and Violet back, the more intensely-minded fans of the game are already beginning to make sense of the games' potential.

We've already seen comments from professionals in the Nuzlocke community discussing the best way to start the game. Now that we've begun to understand the game's new Pokemon, new strategies to dominate enemy players are beginning to appear.

And almost to coincide with this, the first season of ranked play in the new Pokemon games has appeared.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Ranked Battles Are Here

Ranked Pokemon Battles Have Officially Arrived In Scarlet And Violet
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As many free-to-play giants have reignited the competitiveness of many players over the years, now could be the perfect time to bring ranked play in Pokemon back - and it looks like Nintendo knows it.

The very first series of competitive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has finally landed, allowing players to lock Tauros horns with others to clamber up the ranks to truly take up the title of Pokemon Master. The new mode has arrived as part of a new patch that many are hoping will also fix a lot of the bugs that have contributed to the incredibly poor performance of the games so far.

The Ranked series only allows Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in its play, as well as a short list of currently banned Pokemon - but aside from those, go nuts and climb that ladder.

When Does Pokemon Ranked Series One End?

Much like the ranked play of many other competitive games, Pokemon ranked will cycle through its own seasons to level the playing field every so often for new players.

The current ranked series for Scarlet and Violet will be running until January 31, so get training now.

It's nice for the games to really give players a way to become a true Pokemon master beyond its elite four. Get to work, trainers.

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