Nuzlocke Expert Says One Pokemon Starter Is 'Broken'

Nuzlocke Expert Says One Pokemon Starter Is 'Broken'
Images: The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


25th Nov 2022 12:54

We've had Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for long enough to let dedicated players coast through its story now, even in spite of its huge bugs.

The game might not have made it particularly easy for players to make their way through the game, but they've managed it, and now, they're looking for a brand new challenge. So it's safe to say that they'll turn to the Nuzlocke.

And one seasoned Nuzlocker has suggested that one of Scarlet & Violet's starters is too easy.

Nuzlocke Expert Calls Fuecoco 'The Most Broken Starter'

As the Nuzlocke community is entirely community-run with The Pokemon Company seeingly refusing to acknowledge the practice, players have had to unofficially elect authorities on the Nuzlocke itself. One of those such authorities is Twitter account PokemonChallenges - and they reckon that one of the new starters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is deeply overpowered when it comes to the practice.

"Fuecoco is already easily the most broken starter in Nuzlocke history," they say in a tweet. "Solo sweeps five gyms, an e4 member and the champion. No other starter in any game comes close. I recommend banning it for a more interesting run."

We knew you could do it, Fuecoco, you lovely little devil. It looks like the super-cute croc has already made a name for itself as a Pokemon that can hold its own - and frankly, we didn't doubt it for a second.

What Is Pokemon's Nuzlocke Challenge?

For the uninitiated, a Nuzlocke run is an unofficial way of making Pokemon harder to play, with players being forced to catch only one Pokemon per route, and having to release their pals when they faint. Worse still, you have to name the Pokemon so you form an emotional connection with them.

It's very cruel, but it works a treat, and it makes Pokemon much more difficult than its base-level gameplay.

In many ways, Nuzlocke is keeping Pokemon communities alive, and it's a great example of the creativity of fans everywhere. Even if we're too nervous to try it ourselves. We're sorry, we just can't say goodbye to Pokemon that easily.

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