Pokimane Unbanned Thousands Of Followers After JiDion Hate Raid

Pokimane Unbanned Thousands Of Followers After JiDion Hate Raid
Image Credit: Pokimane | Twitch | Twitter

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Emma Hill


27th Jan 2022 13:03

Imane "Pokimane" Anys has been giving the lowdown on the whopping amount of followers that she has had to unban from her account after the recent "hate raid" by YouTuber "JiDion". 

On January 12, popular YouTuber and new Twitch streamer JiDion was banned from the Amazon-owned platform after he sent a "hate raid" of followers to spam Pokimane's stream. Subsequently, a number of the raiders were banned from her channel. Pokimane also ended up locking her Twitter page due to the amount of offensive and "misogynistic" comments she was receiving from trolls. She even had to categorically deny she ever did drugs on stream, after her haters started circulating a clip in which she snorted 'cocaine'. 

However, a number of the original raiders have since come to heavily regret their misconduct and have appealed to Pokimane to be unbanned from her channel. 

How Many Followers Has Pokimane Unbanned?

On January 26, Pokimane was joined on stream by Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter who was eager to see all the unban request forms that her friend had received following the JiDion drama. Pokimane then shared how, in the past five months, she had received nearly 15 thousand request forms from fans who were eager to be unbanned from her channel. After Pokimane's mods had already cleared the majority of the requests, the duo decided to make a start on the final 5k together. 

Pokimane and Valkyrae went through the requests together and were very generous to many fans, especially from some of the raiders who seemed genuinely sorry for their comments. So, the pair accepted their requests and allowed them back on Pokimane's channel.

However, there were a couple of requests which seemed a little half-hearted. For example, one viewer, who didn't necessarily apologise for their comment, claimed: "My brother was on my account and I only just managed to get him off my account, please." Valkyrae quickly replied with "liar. Grow up" and denied their request. 

What Happens If You're Banned From A Streamer's Twitch Channel?

If a fan somehow ends up getting banned by a streamer, they are allowed to continue watching the streamer's videos. However, they are prohibited from viewing or interacting with the stream's chat. This means, they can't whisper, refollow, host, or buy gifted subs on that channel. Sure, some fans have tried to find a way around this by simply creating another Twitch account, but it turns out that a user's IP address will be banned also. The only real way to get around the ban is to send an Unban Request form via the chat section of the streamer's channel. Then, there's nothing left to do but wait and see if the request is accepted or denied. 

Unsurprisingly, Pokimane and Valkyrae didn't through all five thousand of the requests, but there were a good number of fans who were given a second chance. Although, it seems Twitch wasn't ready to be so generous with JiDion


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